Player Life Members listed above received their recognition under the separate Constitutions which governed the Baulkham Hills AFC until the year 1999 and East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club from 2000 until November 2007. At the 2007 AGM, a revised East Coast Eagles Constitution was adopted which varied the qualification terms.

A player of the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club qualifies for Player Life Membership after playing one hundred and fifty (150) Premier Division games for the East Coast Eagles. (Between 2012 & 2014 the Club played as the Sydney Hills Eagles.  NEAFL games played during this period are counted as qualifying matches.)

In addition a player may also qualify for Player Life Membership after playing two hundred (200) East Coast Eagles, or Sydney Hills Eagles games in any grade.

Player Life Members listed below have received their recognition as per the new rules introduced in season 2008 via the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club Inc constitution.

  • 2010 – Ben Physick
  • 2011 – Jason Duss
  • 2012 – Ryan Fitton
  • 2014 – Tim Physick
  • 2014 – Jon Vlatko
  • 2016 – Rowan Bilkey
  • 2016 – Jared Madden
  • 2016 – Jared Patira

Management History

YearPresident / ChairmanGeneral ManagerSecretary / AdministratorFinancial ControllerSenior Coach
1976Ray JohnsN/ATBATBAN/A
77-79John MorrisN/ATBATBAN/A
80-81Kevin HallN/ATBATBAN/A
1982Brian GingerN/ATBATBAN/A
1983Ian FraserN/AGlenys ReedJohn MitchellN/A
1984Grahame WillisN/AGlenys ReedAndy McPheeN/A
1985Grahame WillisN/APrue DaffyAndy McPheeN/A
1986Bill McLeodN/AJill TurbillAndy McPheeN/A
1987Bill McLeodN/AJill TurbillAndy McPhee / Jim PascoeN/A
1988Bill McLeodN/AJill TurbillJim PascoeDavid Grace / Bruce Johnson
1989Grahame WillisN/APam JohnsonJim PascoeBill Willington
1990Grahame WillisN/APam JohnsonJim PascoeDoug Scholz
1991Grahame WillisN/AHenry YeatesJim PascoeDoug Scholz
1992Jim PascoeN/AHenry YeatesJacki ToyMick Toy
1993 *Tony HillN/AHenry YeatesIan FraserJames Walton
1994 *Tony HillN/AHenry YeatesJake ArmstrongDoug Scholz
1995 *Tony HillN/AHenry YeatesLou ZivkovichDennis Dunstan / Garry Hutchinson
1996 *Peter PhysickN/AHenry YeatesJohn SpringKevin Allen
1997 *Peter PhysickN/AHenry YeatesJohn SpringMatthew Frost
1998 *Peter PhysickN/AHenry YeatesJohn SpringCraig McGrath
1999 *Peter PhysickN/AJohn Evernden / Bob WynneJan FrostCraig McGrath
2000Peter PhysickAndrew BenceBob WynneJan FrostTim Jones
2001Peter PhysickAndrew BenceRichard LeeBob WynneTim Jones
2002Peter PhysickAndrew BenceRichard LeeBob WynneAndrew Baxter
2003Peter PhysickJohn EverndenSarah CampbellBob WynneMichael Knuppel
2004Peter PhysickBob WynneN/ABob WynneMichael Knuppel
2005Peter PhysickDavid RalstonN/AAndrew BaxterRohan Graham
2006Peter PhysickWally GallioN/AAndrew BaxterRohan Graham
2007Peter PhysickAnthony DignanN/AAndrew BaxterRohan Graham
2008 **Gus SeebeckAnthony DignanN/APhil BesterGlenn Garner
2009Gus SeebeckAnthony DignanN/APhil BesterGlenn Garner (Premiers)
2010Gus SeebeckVacantRowan BilkeyTony MoranGlenn Garner (Premiers)
2011Gus SeebeckVacantCraig AbercrombieTony MoranGlenn Garner (Premiers)
2012 ***Gus SeebeckVacantTony MoranCraig AbercrombieGlenn Garner
2013 ***Gus SeebeckGavin Lawrence Gavin LawrenceGus SeebeckMarc Dragicevic
2014 ***
(until 28/08/14)
Gus Seebeck
Gavin Lawrence
Gavin Lawrence
Carolyn Canda
Michael Sankey
2014 ***
(from 29/08/14)
Peter PhysickN/ARichard LeeJon GawleyMichael Sankey
2015Peter PhysickN/ARichard LeeJon GawleyMichael Sankey
2016Peter PhysickN/AJon Gawley Jon GawleyMichael Sankey (Premiers)
2017Jon GawleyN/ABronwyn BaileyJon GawleyJamie Vlatko

* The Sydney AFL Premier League teams played as the Baulkham Hills Falcons.
** The Presidency title changed to Chairman in 2008 but reverted back to President in 2015.
*** The First Grade side played this season in the NEAFL.