Tim Physick reaches 400 Club games

Tim (left) holds the 2008 Reserve Grade Premiership Cup with good friend Jason Duss who is the only other player in the 400 Club.

Back in January 1991 Peter & Laima Physick returned to Sydney after lengthy stints across Australia with Dad’s then employer MLC.   They had two young kids in tow with them and after settling in at Castle Hill went in search of a footy club for Ben and Tim.

Whilst wandering through an entrance to the Stockland Mall Shopping Centre, a friendly white haired gentleman approached the family and asked if the boys had ever considered playing AFL football.  The question was easily answered in the affirmative, given both kids simply lived for the game.  And still do ….

That friendly man was Warren “Pops” Quintrell who at around that time was promoting the junior football club he had helped establish at Baulkham Hills. Pops had previously assisted in the creation of the Pennant Hills footy club, but after watching the explosion in population further west towards the Hills, Warren figured he should start another one.  It is wonderful that even today both clubs still compete for the Warren “Pops” Quintrell Shield each time they play at Premier Division level.

(It is worthwhile to note at this point that standing at the only other entrance to Stockland Mall that day was Gus McKernan recruiting players for Pennant Hills.  Oh what could have been…..)          

And hence the Sydney football career of Tim Physick started.  This Saturday July 4th 2015 Tim will celebrate his 404th Club game throughout his combined career at the Baulkham Hills Falcons and the East Coast Eagles.  His 400th was a few weeks ago at Bensons Lane, but “Back to Baulko” day seemed to be an ideal cheap viagra quick delivery event to recognise this phenomenal achievement, given the circumstances behind him arriving at the Club.

25 years is a long time to remain committed to the same Club. In his early days of senior football at the Falcons through until 1999 and again at the beginning of East Coast in 2000, wins were sometimes a long way apart.  But the resolve to be a part of football and the Eagles never wavered.  Some nasty injuries along the way, one of which caused him to miss an entire season, did not dampen his enthusiasm for the game, always maintaining a smile on his face and a cheeky sense of humour for those around him.

In the course of time success came Tim’s way across those 400 games and at team level he has played in five Premierships, individually he has won two Billy McLeod Medals as B&F in the Eagles’ Reserve Grade, the AFL Sydney Sanders Medal in 2007 (sharing with Timmy Kear), been afforded Player Life Membership at the Falcons and the Eagles and now becomes the only other player besides Jason Duss to crack the 400 mark.

When asked about the milestone Tim answered that “you don’t count your games, you just make your games count.”    An expected response from someone who has always put the team first and the body second.

Now the proud husband of Jackie and father of three year old daughter Sophia, plus the absolutely identical twins Bradley & Josh, Tim hasn’t yet hinted at retirement but surely that must be in the wind soon.  Besides he has to make sure that Brad and Josh can get to the 800 game mark between them.

Well done TP and congratulations from everybody at your favourite footy club and across Sydney football.