Registration window now open

Click the button to register now.

Click the button to register now.

In 2015 all players in all Clubs must have registered via the Fox Sports Pulse website and also paid the required Club fees before Round 1 to enable the player to be eligible for selection in any grade.

This is a not-negotiable AFL enforced requirement and the onus is on each player to ensure they have done this. Naturally East Coast will be monitoring registrations as they occur and reminders will go out to those players who have not yet registered in a timely manner.

The process commences by clicking here and you will be taken to the first page of instructions for the East Coast Eagles.

Or if you like pushing buttons use the big red one.

You will need to know generic for provigil your existing Username and Password from previous seasons, but if unsure please contact our Registrar Bronwyn Bailey via the details on this first page.

As you go through this process it will give you a lot of information about what the fees entail and what you receive for them.

Please remember that you can 100% offset your 2015 Registration fees by obtaining your own personal Player Sponsor for the season.  You still have to personally pay the fees on line, however when you hand in the completed Player Sponsor form to the Club with your Sponsors’ payment, we will credit your Bank account in full with the refund of fees.

To download and print a copy of the 2015 Player Sponsor document please click here.