MEDIA RELEASE: New Women’s Premier Division Coach for 2022

The East Coast Eagles are excited to announce that Renee Tomkins will assume the role of Head coach of our Women’s Premier Division team for 2022.

Renee or as she is known around the club – Tonks – was the first marquee women’s signing to the club in 2018 after finishing her playing duties in the AFLW with GWS.

Renee will take over the job from Ash Moeller whom has earned a fantastic opportunity with the GWS as a Development coach in their AFLW program. As the first female head coach at the club, we are excited at the opportunity to work with Renee on her coaching and development in the role on and off the field. Renee has an abundance of support within the club and with her leadership on and off the field, season 2022 is set to be a very successful one for the EAGALS.