Eagles Extravaganza groups released

Let me open up Eagles Extravaganza for you

A tradition which started at Baulkham Hills with “Baulko Bonanza” and then continued at East Coast with “Eagles Extravaganza” has been re-introduced for Season 2015.

Those who know how a Calcutta works will instantly understand the concept, however the guidelines and lots of helpful hints and suggestions are included in the booklet titled Eagles Extravaganza Rules & Groups.  Click on our mean lookin’ Oscar the Eagle and let him open up the document for you.  Oscar will be the Extravaganza boss this year.

On Friday evening March 27th at the Jumper Presentation Night the groups will be auctioned off by Richard Lee and we expect there will be spirited bidding from the room. This is the only place and time where bids can be made. So if you want to make a bid or form a syndicate to do so, but can’t make it to the Shear Bar in the Fiddler then study the Form, make a decision and get someone to bid on your behalf generic viagra …. or get on your mobile.

That has happened before and in a memorable 2007 Extravaganza we had bidders from London and Los Angeles on telephones participating in proceedings. Probably accounted for the fact that the pool grew to a record, still to be beaten $37,700!

It’s a lot of fun on the night and even more so during the season when it all unfolds. This year weekly award payments will be accumulated and paid monthly by EFT to successful groups’ bank accounts. The big winning money, based on B&F votes counted at Club Champion Night at the Castle Hill RSL Lyceum auditorium on Saturday October 31st, will also be paid by EFT on following Monday.

We hope you can enter into the spirit of things and assist the Club at the same time. The Eagles receive 25% of the accumulated pool and the 75% left is distributed to winning bidders in the manner described within the document.

Best of luck to all intending bidders ….