Eagles Around The Grounds Round 7

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Can’t Match Red Hot North Shore For Four Quarters

We seem to play our best footy against the strongest sides in the Magoos, but North Shore are truly in a league of their own. Back at home, we were keen for a big test against the Bombers, and we knew our defensive resolve would be a key factor in the result. Early on we kept pace with our opposition, with our backline pressure a real strong point for us. North Shore could not find their groove. Unfortunately, we struggled to capatalise on Inside 50s and couldn’t trouble the scoreboard in the first half, trailing by 45 points at the main break. Our competitive fight never wavered, but it was tough to keep up with the elite skills of the Bombers. We played with plenty of courage and spirit, but there would be no stopping North Shore on this day, as we went down by 74 points. Our two goals were scored by notable players: Under 19s Co-Captain Nick Hyland who kicked his first Magoos goal, and Harrison Bultitude who played his first game of 2021 after a nasty pre-season groin injury. Backline king Tom Grove was our best on ground, shutting down North Shore’s best forwards in a huge performance from the big fella.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 2.5.17 to NSW 12.19.91

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Women’s Division One – EAGALS Win A Competitive Game Against Gallant Bombers

I got a first hand view of this game, strutting around as the umpire, and might I say I was definitely impressed. Our Div 1 girls have come so far already this year under the trusty leadership of Coach Jimmy Regan, and they continue to go from strength to strength. We’ve been playing well and being back at home, many would have expected us to win easy in this game. But North Shore are never an easy side to beat, and posed a difficult challenge. This was a rather scrappy affair, a real fight to the death at the ground level at times. However, it was the strong communication from midfielders Paris Mooney and Lauren Jacobs who really lead from the front for the EAGALS, that often allowed our side first use of the footy. Speaking of getting first to the footy, Ruckman Kate Scholz killed it, outmatching her opponent for the majority of the game. We’re we at our best in this one? Probably not, but it was a valuable two points we will absolutely take and celebrate the same as any victory. Most pleasing perhaps was our defensive edge, not conceding any goals for the entire game. Brilliant Stuff. Keely Stevens and Dana Polverino were best on ground for the EAGALS in their 29 point win.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 4.6.30 to NSB 0.1.1

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Under 19’s Division One – North Shore Stamp Authority And Take It To Young Eagles

North Shore are right up there in a lot of competitions, but perhaps none more so than the Under 19s. The Bombers are thriving and flying high, hard to keep up with no matter who matches up against up. We ran into a red hot side without many key players, and it was evident we lacked cohesion in key moments. The Bombers were intent on putting on plenty of scoreboard pressure, however struggled to convert in front of goal which kept East Coast in the game. Our tackling pressure was strong, as was our hunt for the footy, but the Bombers were able to get on the outside and use their speed too often. We were disappointed with the result, but now we know the standard it takes to match it with the best. Nathan Wilson has had a much improved 2021 season, and was fantastic in a BOG performance for us.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 3.4.22 to NSB 8.17.65

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Women’s Division Four – EAGALS Momentum Halted By A Rampaging Western Magic

Sometimes in sport when you take a week off for a bye, it can hurt the momentum you have picked up beforehand. This seemed to be the case this past weekend for our Div 4 EAGALS. After missing last week we were raring to go, but then again so were Western Magic. The Western side well and truly brought their magic wands for this game, as everything they touched seemed to turn to gold. Their game plan was to start strong and blow us out of the water from the get go. With the score at 30-0 in their favour come half-time, and they were very much on top. It would take a damn good comeback from us, and whilst we did our best in the last quarter, it was too little too late, as the Magic were too good by 36 points. Angelica Kamperos was tremendous for East Coast, a well deserved BOG for her game.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 3.0.18 to WM 7.12.54

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Men’s Division Two – Eagles Cruise To Strong Win Over North Shore

Such has been the scheduling merry-go-round this season, this past weekend our Div 2 boys played at their standard 9am time slot for the first time in 2021. Matching up against North Shore Bombers Red (one of two Bombers sides in this competition), we were hotly anticipating a tough game, in slippery early morning conditions. We have struggled to hit the scoreboard early in games this season, but against North Shore Red we kicked the first goal, and led by 15 points at Quarter-Time. We played the game at our pace for much of the first half, letting our tackling pressure set the tone and dictate proceedings to lead by 34 points at Half-Time. Going forward we took our put off the gas in the second half, as our goalkicking went a bit haywire. We kicked 1.8 in the second half, and should of won by more, but ugly wins are always valuable. Troy Jones and Justin Harding continued their awesome seasons, and Ben Bridie kicked 2 goals in real highlights of the game. This 25 point win takes us to 2nd on the ladder with an eye on first place sooner rather than later.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 8.12.60 to NSB 5.5.35

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