Eagles Around The Grounds Round 4

Men’s Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Go Down In Gallant Defeat To Uni Students

The Mighty Magoos were expecting a very tough encounter against a talented Sydney Uni side, on a wet and cold Kanebridge Oval track, and whilst we were up to the task, Uni had our number in the end. In what was a scrappy, low-scoring affair, it was very difficult to consistently win clean possession around the ground. Sydney Uni seemed comfortable with their small lead throughout the match, dictating the pace and drawing East Coast into their game shapes, just enough to keep enough momentum to nab a 17 point win. Trent Stubbs was strong again for East Coast kicking 2 goals, whilst Matt McVey added another, and Marty Karafalis was a titan down back. This time last season, our Ressies lost by 100 plus against Sydney Uni, so this result shows how far we’ve come in 2020, and we will continue to press our claims for finals footy going forward.

FINAL SCORE: SU 5.11.41 to ECE 3.6.24

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Under 19’s Division One – Sydney Uni Make A Statement

And a bold one at that. With key players missing for the Eagles, our Under 19s were under pressure from the get go. Sydney Uni are littered with talent throughout their club, especially the young guns, and after losing only one game last season (The Grand Final), their Under 19s are hungry to replace heartache with a flag in 2020. Footy is a real game of momentum, so difficult to wrestle back when you don’t have it. East Coast found this out on Saturday, unable to keep Uni out of their forward half for the majority of the contest, as they were additionally dominated through the midfield. Lachlan Watson and Kyle Spencer were strong for East Coast in a losing side, but focus must shift straight away to next week against Camden. As this loss has put the Under 19’s outside of the Top 4, anything outside of victory against Camden will be considered a failure.

FINAL SCORE: SU 19.12.126 to ECE 1.1.7

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Women’s Division One – Monsoonal Conditions Make For Muddy Footy But A Loss For EAGALS

This was a game of One and Three Quarters. In the first term, Parramatta Goannas brutally swarmed our EAGALS, in what was a case of: Clearance. Mark. Goal. Repeat – in the first five minutes. Down 41-0 at Quarter-Time, East Coast needed to make some changes, and with that, a more competitive contest ensued. However, it was during the second quarter, that the heavens opened up with a freezing downpour, which did not let up for the remainder of the game. The conditions, brought the contest much closer, making for a dangerously entertaining mudbath monsoon, in which the EAGALS got on top towards the end. Fighting hard until the final siren, we won the last quarter, which is a strong positive to take out of a 47 point loss. Not one woman walked off the field clean, some covered head to toe in mud, after a fun game of wet weather footy.

FINAL SCORE: PG 9.12.66 to ECE 3.1.19

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Men’s Division Two – Eagles Making Div 2 Great Again With Second Win Of The Season

How good is it to get a win. The Div 2 fellas needed victory on Saturday morning to keep their hopes on a finals berth alive, and they did not disappoint. Putting in an emphatic first half performance, East Coast didn’t let UTS in the contest, getting on top early thanks to a tough as nails midfield quartet. Led by first year ruckman Stretch Lalor, hardmen Brock McMillan and Anthony Bortoli, as well as the always classy Jake Mindham, the midfield gave our forward line plenty of Inside 50s to create shots on goal. The forwards converted well, setting up a 5 goal lead at half-time. UTS kept coming hard in the second half, seizing momentum towards the end, but the damage was done in the first half. Great to see Div 2 kick the day off with a well earnt win, an awesome feeling for the boys no doubt.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.8.62 to UTS 6.7.43

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