Eagles Around The Grounds Round 10

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Back In Winners Circle After Strong Second Half

A day with swirling wind conditions meant it would be tough going for both sides, and clean use of the footy would of premium value. Our Magoos have needed a win for a while, and they would have backed themselves do get a victory facing a gritty Camden side who have yet to record their first win of the season. This was a stop-start affair, with plenty of momentum swings especially in the first half. East Coast kicked out to a 4 goal lead early, but a big effort from the Cats allowed them back in the game, as Camden scrambled to trail by only a goal at Half-Time. We were kicking with the wind in the third quarter, and we used it to our advantage well, reclaiming a convincing lead but still aware the job was not done. With patience and a focused Eagles Ball game plan, we controlled the pace of the game, and closed out a comfortable 48 point win. There were some handy goalkicking hauls on the day, with Nipper Adams and Ben Roughan kicking 4 each, with Justin Taylor and Harrison Bultitude adding 3 each. Get around our Magoos as they look to go on a run in the second half of the season.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 16.10.106 to CC 9.4.58

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Women’s Division One – EAGALS Cannot Be Stopped With 6th Win On The Trot

Talk about a shutout. Over the past 6 rounds, our EAGALS have been near perfect, staking their claim in the league as a top contender ready and willing to take on any opponent. Perhaps the most pleasing thing, is their ability to win games in different ways. Some have been complete dominations, whilst some have been close hard-fought victories. In this instance, we were all over Camden, with our defence once again standing out. Camden had no way into the game, such was the intensity of our man-to-man pressure, and our silky clearance work out of the middle. 27 scoring shots to zero is enough to make one blush, but if you saw some of the heavy tackles from our EAGALS, you’d have a true indication of how far ahead we were of Camden in this game. Our behinds tally doubled that of our goals, but either way the Cats never threatened us so we were always comfortable with the result. Imogen Gow and Dana Polverino were best on ground for us, and it is exciting to see our EAGALS in such good form heading into a tough matchup against Manly. Bring it on.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.18.72 to CC 0.0.0

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Under 19’s Division One – Eagles Make Light Work Of Camden In Big Win

After the heartbreak of last rounds narrow loss to Sydney Uni, our young gun Under 19s were fit and fired up to bounce back against last placed Camden. After a quarter, the result was fairly settled as we were in front 39-1, but our boys did not put the cue in the rack. With the wind blowing the ball every which way, there was plenty of space on the Kanebridge Oval turf, and we used it well, racking up plenty of big quarter scores. We were simply just too good, and did not let our emotions boil over, this was a very impressive 94 point win. With finals at the top of our priority list, our Under 19s side will be keen and focused every single week, ready to work towards playing at the back end of the season. This result did plenty to boost their confidence in that respect. Connor Rudd, Adam Pittana and Jayden Brien were especially potent in front of goal, combining for 10 goals, whilst Nick Ryan was a deserved BOG.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 17.16.118 to CC 3.6.24

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Women’s Division Four – EAGALS Make It A Happy Holiday To Wollondilly In Emphatic Victory

A trip to Wollondilly is never one of the most exciting of the season. It’s a long way to go to lose that’s all I’ll say. Fortunately for us, our EAGALS had no such problems, thumping their opponents with a brilliant 69-0 win. We must have spent the drive down there visualizing a massive ambush, because this is what unfolded in the first quarter. We kept the score rolling quickly, as our EAGALS led 36-0 at Quarter-Time, dampening any confidence Wollondilly had. This was our game to win, and we let the Knights know about it. Our tackles hit harder, we were the quicker team, and our skills were far better. After a lean month for our Div 4 girls, it is fantastic to see them back on the winners list. We are back BABY. Maddie Gray, Sarah O’Brien and Monica Lenaz were sensational in BOG performances, but this was absolutely a full-team effort.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.15.69 to WK 0.0.0

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Men’s Division Two – Eagles Destroy Sydney Uni Pretenders In HUGE Win

We don’t lose at the Nest. No ifs or buts, we DO NOT lose at the Nest. No matter who we face at our home ground, our Div 2 side lifts to the occasion, and this was shown on the weekend. After a disappointing loss against St George last round, we were keen to make amends against 2nd place Sydney Uni, and we knew we had to bring the fight. We were locked in from the get go in this contest, quickly bouncing back from conceding the first goal of the game, to really ramp up the intensity and ferocity at the footy. Sydney Uni could not compete with our hunger, and we hit them where it hurt as a result: on the scoreboard. Well in front at Half-Time, we could not switch off, we had to keep our mind on a 4-quarter performance. This we did, as we continuously kept the pressure on both with and without the footy, letting our forwards have a big day out, especially the always classy Jake Mindham with 3 goals, and James Neily with 2. Neily might I add was fantastic in his best game of the season by far, and his two goals were highlights of the game, completely wrong-footing multiple opponents on the way to booting the footy through the big sticks. This was a really positive win, and the sort of form we want to take into facing top of the table North Shore next week. We’ve beat them before, we can do it again. Oh and Fordy kicked 6.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 12.10.82 to SU 6.5.41

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