• The East Coast Eagles Football Club is committed to providing all players a safe and enjoyable environment to play football.  The Eagles recognise that factors outside of football can have an impact on a player’s enjoyment and performance on the field.

For this reason we have created the Eagles’ Player Welfare Committee consisting of three senior players and one Club Official who are experienced in managing people and can provide players with a fully confidential avenue to discuss their off-field life should they feel they need such contact.

The goal of the committee is to:

Help the Club to develop an environment which:

  • All players feel is safe, inclusive, respectful and enjoyable
  • Develops all players’ skills and disciplines
  • Encourages professional and personal excellence
  • Assists in setting and achieving personal goals
  • Fosters a sense of team spirit and responsibility
  • Encourages fair play: and
  • Will maximise all players’ opportunities to play football

Assist with the provision of confidential advice, support & guidance for any players who may require additional assistance beyond that needed by the “average player”, including:

  • Help with schooling, work, family and / or other modafinil online life issues
  • Specific skill training

Help the Club to promote, enforce and improve standards, practices and codes of conduct and policies which support players, Club development and growth:

  • Ensure that relevant policies and programs are available and accessible

Liaise with AFL Staff on development opportunities for the Club:

oordinate the provision of training resources (such as videos and other instructional / educational information) to coaches and teams:

Act as a confidential conduit to the Club Board on player welfare:

Ensure that the Club deals promptly, impartially and sensitively with player welfare issues and breaches of policies and codes of conduct and that it imposes appropriate sanctions for breaches:  

The East Coast Eagles’ Player Welfare Committee consists of:   

  • Jamie Vlatko           0416 219940
  • Jon Vlatko                0431 294241
  • Rodney Frost          0418 452589
  • Trevor Hangan       0409 450050

Players are encouraged to contact any of these Committee members to discuss any issues you may be experiencing either at the Football Club, or away from the Club. All discussions will be treated with full confidentiality.

Jon Gawley 
President East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club Inc