In 2009, the East Coast Eagles Coterie Club was kicked off on a trial basis to determine how we would like to see it work and what benefits it could bring to the Club.

In case you don’t know what such a Club is, the word “coterie” is of French origin and means “a gathering of friends.”  The essence of the Coterie is to build a group of people who become “Friends of the Eagles” by participating in varied activities associated with the Footy Club and supporting it financially by collecting and contributing funds for the players and the Club itself, separately to what the Board of Directors are able to do.

Perhaps the best known example of a Coterie Club in AFL footy is the one conducted by Carlton in Melbourne. See to review their website. Whilst we are a long way from their magnitude, everything must start somewhere and for the three seasons from 2009 when the Club played as the East Coast Eagles it was a very successful operation.

Unfortunately during the NEAFL era when the club played as the Sydney Hills Eagles, for various reasons the Coterie Club lost quite a number of its financial supporters.  With the return to AFL Sydney football in 2015 and the rebranding back to the East Coast Eagles the Coterie is re-building and as we go forward, the Coterie is intended to become bigger and better than ever before, thus retaining its status as a very valuable arm of the Football Club.

The weekly membership cost in each season is $10 for each of 18 minor round games. This amount can be payable weekly to Richard Lee, Trevor Hangan or Peter Physick. Or if you prefer, in one lump sum to either of these three gentlemen.

Examples of past expenditure include:

  • Sundry capital items which the club or the ground requires
  • Flag pole
  • Scoreboard maintenance
  • Contribution to carpet in both the Home and Away rooms
  • Outfitting Trainers and water runners in AFL approved clothing
  • Purchase of footballs, two way radios, video equipment
  • Speaker / PA system at Bruce Purser Reserve
  • The occasional alcoholic beverage for Coterie Members

As member facilities grow across the future years at Kanebridge Oval we will have the ideal foundation to provide viewing comfort for all Coterie members and their families at Eagles’ home matches.

You have the chance to become a member of the Coterie as it and the Football Club continue to develop our off field support base.

We ask that every Coterie Member is also a Member of the East Coast Eagles Football Club.  The latter membership has its own benefits, in line with the following for the Coterie:

  • A personally designed and struck Eagles Coterie Club metal badge for your Eagles’ cap or polo. Thus distinguishing you as a Coterie member in a particular year.
  • Your first beer at every Thursday night training is complimentary, along with a couple of “Dickie’s Dim Sims” to get you going. You are permitted to purchase more of each throughout the night by the way.

We are seeking a buy in from Sponsors, Businesses, Members, players and supporters to register their interest in joining the Eagles Coterie.

You can download the Coterie Club Membership application here then scan and send it through to Richard Lee by e-mail to at

Upon receipt of your application Richard will respond with a friendly phone call and a welcome to the Eagles Coterie.