EAGALS Bury Maq Uni To Win Big Once Again

Somebody throw in the towel.

After pausing the for a week due to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, our EAGALS returned the Prems Womens league to formalities, once again reigning as the true Queens of the competition. Our opposition this weekend was Macquarie Uni, a side which we have had many fierce battles with over the years, but this was not one of those affairs.

As I have made it known before, I am really struggling to find new ways to describe how well this side is playing. It is as close to perfect a footy team can get, and there are truly no signs of us slowing down.

Turn up, dominate, repeat. This is the mentality that opposing teams are dealing with right now. Scary, isn’t it.

The game was played under lights, with plenty of wind still around at Kanebridge Oval, making for a contest with testing conditions. This factor threatened to even the match out a little bit, but Maq Uni had no such luck.

We started the game positively, and never looked back, as the game was essentially sealed after quarter-time with our EAGALS leading by 4 goals, 28-1.

Maq Uni have struggled to hit the scoreboard for the majority of this season, and whilst they tried hard in defence, it was just so difficult to stop our mounting wave of class in attack. Our Half-Time lead extended to 34 points.

It was more of the same in the second half, with our EAGALS keeping the foot on the gas, battling through the tough conditions to maintain momentum for the entire match. A 49 point lead at 3QT became 60 by the final siren, and another win was locked up for our EAGALS. Had we kicked a little bit straighter, the margin would have been even bigger, but we weren’t fazed.

Our EAGALS are well and truly flying high. With this win, we have officially achieved a PERFECT 10.

Renee Tomkins was a wall at half-back, and is in scintillating form producing another BOG performance. Jordy Jollife was tremendous as well, kicking 3 goals on her return from injury, showcasing an unbelievable work rate which especially impressed Coach Ash Moeller. Our key players stood up once again, with Tarni Evans, Em Hurley and Chloe Arndt having typically strong showings. Rylee McGartland added 3 goals to her rising league-leading tally.

We face Manly in a top of the table battle next week, and it is sure to be an epic contest.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 4.4-28 5.6-36 8.9-57 10.14-74
Macquarie University 0.1-1 0.2-2 1.2-8 2.2-14

East Coast Eagles

Goal Kickers: R. McGartland 3, J. Jolliffe 3, T. Evans 2, G. Fowler, E. Scriven
Best Players: R. Tomkins, J. Jolliffe, E. Hurley, T. Evans, C. Arndt, M. Ferguson
Macquarie University
Goal Kickers: J. Hicks, R. Sellers
Best Players: C. Davis, H. Kowal, G. Thomas, J. Hicks, K. Johnston, E. Davie
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 10
1 East Coast Eagles 10 10 0 0 717 169 424.26 40
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 10 8 2 0 610 235 259.57 32
3 Inner West Magpies 10 7 3 0 521 261 199.62 28
4 Southern Power 10 6 4 0 393 322 122.05 24
5 North Shore Bombers 10 6 4 0 372 317 117.35 24
6 Sydney University 10 4 6 0 238 383 62.14 16
7 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 10 4 6 0 225 543 41.44 16
8 UTS Australian Football Club 10 3 7 0 263 556 47.30 12
9 Pennant Hills Demons 10 2 8 0 307 459 66.88 8
10 Macquarie University 10 0 10 0 180 581 30.98 0

Eagles Around The Grounds Round 10

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Back In Winners Circle After Strong Second Half

A day with swirling wind conditions meant it would be tough going for both sides, and clean use of the footy would of premium value. Our Magoos have needed a win for a while, and they would have backed themselves do get a victory facing a gritty Camden side who have yet to record their first win of the season. This was a stop-start affair, with plenty of momentum swings especially in the first half. East Coast kicked out to a 4 goal lead early, but a big effort from the Cats allowed them back in the game, as Camden scrambled to trail by only a goal at Half-Time. We were kicking with the wind in the third quarter, and we used it to our advantage well, reclaiming a convincing lead but still aware the job was not done. With patience and a focused Eagles Ball game plan, we controlled the pace of the game, and closed out a comfortable 48 point win. There were some handy goalkicking hauls on the day, with Nipper Adams and Ben Roughan kicking 4 each, with Justin Taylor and Harrison Bultitude adding 3 each. Get around our Magoos as they look to go on a run in the second half of the season.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 16.10.106 to CC 9.4.58

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Women’s Division One – EAGALS Cannot Be Stopped With 6th Win On The Trot

Talk about a shutout. Over the past 6 rounds, our EAGALS have been near perfect, staking their claim in the league as a top contender ready and willing to take on any opponent. Perhaps the most pleasing thing, is their ability to win games in different ways. Some have been complete dominations, whilst some have been close hard-fought victories. In this instance, we were all over Camden, with our defence once again standing out. Camden had no way into the game, such was the intensity of our man-to-man pressure, and our silky clearance work out of the middle. 27 scoring shots to zero is enough to make one blush, but if you saw some of the heavy tackles from our EAGALS, you’d have a true indication of how far ahead we were of Camden in this game. Our behinds tally doubled that of our goals, but either way the Cats never threatened us so we were always comfortable with the result. Imogen Gow and Dana Polverino were best on ground for us, and it is exciting to see our EAGALS in such good form heading into a tough matchup against Manly. Bring it on.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.18.72 to CC 0.0.0

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Under 19’s Division One – Eagles Make Light Work Of Camden In Big Win

After the heartbreak of last rounds narrow loss to Sydney Uni, our young gun Under 19s were fit and fired up to bounce back against last placed Camden. After a quarter, the result was fairly settled as we were in front 39-1, but our boys did not put the cue in the rack. With the wind blowing the ball every which way, there was plenty of space on the Kanebridge Oval turf, and we used it well, racking up plenty of big quarter scores. We were simply just too good, and did not let our emotions boil over, this was a very impressive 94 point win. With finals at the top of our priority list, our Under 19s side will be keen and focused every single week, ready to work towards playing at the back end of the season. This result did plenty to boost their confidence in that respect. Connor Rudd, Adam Pittana and Jayden Brien were especially potent in front of goal, combining for 10 goals, whilst Nick Ryan was a deserved BOG.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 17.16.118 to CC 3.6.24

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Women’s Division Four – EAGALS Make It A Happy Holiday To Wollondilly In Emphatic Victory

A trip to Wollondilly is never one of the most exciting of the season. It’s a long way to go to lose that’s all I’ll say. Fortunately for us, our EAGALS had no such problems, thumping their opponents with a brilliant 69-0 win. We must have spent the drive down there visualizing a massive ambush, because this is what unfolded in the first quarter. We kept the score rolling quickly, as our EAGALS led 36-0 at Quarter-Time, dampening any confidence Wollondilly had. This was our game to win, and we let the Knights know about it. Our tackles hit harder, we were the quicker team, and our skills were far better. After a lean month for our Div 4 girls, it is fantastic to see them back on the winners list. We are back BABY. Maddie Gray, Sarah O’Brien and Monica Lenaz were sensational in BOG performances, but this was absolutely a full-team effort.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.15.69 to WK 0.0.0

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Men’s Division Two – Eagles Destroy Sydney Uni Pretenders In HUGE Win

We don’t lose at the Nest. No ifs or buts, we DO NOT lose at the Nest. No matter who we face at our home ground, our Div 2 side lifts to the occasion, and this was shown on the weekend. After a disappointing loss against St George last round, we were keen to make amends against 2nd place Sydney Uni, and we knew we had to bring the fight. We were locked in from the get go in this contest, quickly bouncing back from conceding the first goal of the game, to really ramp up the intensity and ferocity at the footy. Sydney Uni could not compete with our hunger, and we hit them where it hurt as a result: on the scoreboard. Well in front at Half-Time, we could not switch off, we had to keep our mind on a 4-quarter performance. This we did, as we continuously kept the pressure on both with and without the footy, letting our forwards have a big day out, especially the always classy Jake Mindham with 3 goals, and James Neily with 2. Neily might I add was fantastic in his best game of the season by far, and his two goals were highlights of the game, completely wrong-footing multiple opponents on the way to booting the footy through the big sticks. This was a really positive win, and the sort of form we want to take into facing top of the table North Shore next week. We’ve beat them before, we can do it again. Oh and Fordy kicked 6.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 12.10.82 to SU 6.5.41

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Will Cashmore

EAGALS Still Undefeated After Beating Sydney Uni

Will someone please step up to the plate?!??!!?

At the current stages it is business as usual and a rinse and repeat kind of season for our Prems EAGALS, as we added yet another win to our perfect record, which now sits at 9-0.

And there could not have been a better day to do it on, than Ladies Day.

It was expected to be a tough test for us, seeing as Sydney Uni are always a tricky opponent no matter what grade you’re playing in. No matter who pulls on the USYD jersey, you know they’ve come to play, and we expected nothing less.

Thus, we intended to gain an early advantage by applying scoreboard. Once again, we hit our mark and achieved exactly what we set out to do. Our first quarter was dominant, with Uni really struggling to get into the game. We were on from the word go and it showed, as we kicked our 4 first quarter goals inside the opening 10 minutes. Uni did add one goal in the first term, but that was all they were going to get for the entire match. We led by 18 at Quarter-Time.

According to Coach Ash Moeller, the rest of the match was a grind, due to our lack of poise in front of goal leading to many behinds, but also Uni’s increased pressure. We kicked 7 behinds but no goals in the second quarter, a result that we will aim to fix in coming weeks, as we know that against a stronger side we will likely be made to pay for such inaccuracies. In saying that, our defense was faultless, as Uni had no way back into the contest. Our 25 point lead could of been doubled, and it felt like that. Ladies Day was our day.

The second half saw much of the same for both sides.

More behinds than goals for our EAGALS, and Uni whilst keeping the pressure on our time and space with the footy, were unable to find any sort of offensive resolve. We led by 35 at 3QT, extending this to 41 by Full-Time, as we were the deserved and dominant winners.

Tarni Evans was on fire in this game, her skills and pace a level above her opposition, as she was a clear best on ground with her 3 goals a real highlight. Ally Dallaway was strong once again, whilst Georgia Garnett proved hard to stop wherever she went, killing it in defence, up front and through the midfield.

9-0 and we haven’t looked back since the start of the season, I really do not know who will stop us.

After the long-weekend break it will be fascinating to see how we comeback, and who will challenge us. There will be plenty of teams out there determined to beat the streak, but it is up to our EAGALS to continue fending them off and remain perfect.

Cannot wait to see how this unfolds.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 4.1-25 4.8-32 5.13-43 6.13-49
Sydney University 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.2-8 1.2-8
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: T. Evans 3, R. McGartland, G. Garnett, M. Finch
Best Players: T. Evans, G. Garnett, A. Dallaway, J. Swabey, R. Tomkins, A. Barton
Sydney University
Goal Kickers: A. Laven
Best Players: L. Stephenson, C. Reeve, R. Kenny, I. Gray, C. Lawton, L. Coleman
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 9
1 East Coast Eagles 9 9 0 0 643 155 414.84 36
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 9 8 1 0 599 206 290.78 32
3 Inner West Magpies 9 6 3 0 492 250 196.80 24
4 Southern Power 9 6 3 0 374 289 129.41 24
5 North Shore Bombers 9 6 3 0 349 287 121.60 24
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 9 4 5 0 217 520 41.73 16
7 Sydney University 9 3 6 0 215 375 57.33 12
8 UTS Australian Football Club 9 2 7 0 233 533 43.71 8
9 Pennant Hills Demons 9 1 8 0 274 440 62.27 4
10 Macquarie University 9 0 9 0 166 507 32.74 0

Eagles Around The Grounds Round 9

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Fight Hard But Cannot Beat Sydney Uni

This was always going to be a tough day. Sydney Uni are a club stacked for talent, and with a Reserves side that boasted numerous former Premier Division and or NEAFL players, we were up against it from the get go. Our method was simple: ugly football. We knew this game would be a slog, so our game plan focused on outnumbering and forcing Sydney Uni into mistakes with pressure. Our first quarter displayed this brilliantly, with our boys fighting tooth and nail to win the footy and not allow Uni to get a roll on, only down by 10 points at Quarter-Time. Such was the intensity of this period however, that we seemed to run out of energy soon after, as Uni took full advantage, putting their foot down on the contest to kick 8 goals to nil. 60-0 at Half-Time and there was no way back. Uni were silky by foot and quick by hands, we never gave up, and we played with a ton of heart, but it was to no avail. No one could fault our effort, it was there for all to see and it is something we are proud of. Sydney Uni were just a better side. Shoutouts to Scott Waterhouse, Ryan Van Vliet and Calum Sproull who were in our Top 3 BOG.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 0.3.3 to USYD 16.10.106

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Women’s Division One – 5 On The Trot For Our Div 1 Ladies

Round 9 was Ladies Day at Kanebridge Oval, and it was our Div 1 women’s side tasked with kicking the day off, facing Newtown. We are on a roll in Div 1, winning four in a row and we were keen to make that five, but Newtown weren’t going to make it easy for us. We played a tough brand of footy, body-lining the ball with every intention of winning the contest, and this gave us a slim 7-point lead at Quarter-Time. For the remainder of the game, our inaccurate goal-kicking really let us down, and almost allowed Newtown back into the contest. We were the superior team, but plenty of wins have gone begging in footy history on account of poor shots on goal. However, we got away with it, as our repeat Inside 50s were too much for the opposition. They could not penetrate our backline wall enough times to threaten the result, and we snuck away with an 11 point win. 5 on the trot, you beauty. Ladies Day was off to a banging start. Casey Haydon kicked 2 goals, whilst Paris Mooney, Nellie McMillan and Elyse Fifield kept their strong form up to lead our EAGALS to victory.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 5.13.43 to NB 5.2.32

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125758899&c=1-1047-0-586291-0&pool=1

Under 19’s Division One – Eagles Lose In The Most Heartbreaking Way In 1-Point Thriller

What a rollercoaster. Two young sides in our Eagles U19s and Sydney Uni U19s did battle under lights at Kanebridge Oval, in a contest which threatened to steal the show on Ladies Day. After last weeks incredible win against Pennant Hills, our boys were keen as mustard to go again against Uni, and we showed it from the first bounce, taking a 6 point lead into Quarter-Time. We out muscled and out enthused our opponents in key areas, as this game developed into another absolute nailbiter. Uni fought back to regain a 1 point lead at Half-Time, but we responded with a fiery and impassioned Premiership Quarter, kicking 2 goals to their zero to take an 8 point advantage into the final stages. The last quarter was back and forth, with the momentum falling either way by the second. Uni had more scoring shots in this quarter, and it would be this slightly greater pressure that would be our downfall. We conceded an unlucky free-kick in the dying stages, with Uni converting the goal and winning by a single, solitary point. We were crushed, but we showed we can match it with the best. Expect a big second-half of the season for our young fellas. Bailey Beattie impressed with 2 goals, whilst Kyle Spencer and Jamie Murphy stood up in the big moments.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 8.4.52 to USYD 7.11.53

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759391&c=1-1047-0-586437-0&pool=1

Women’s Division Four – Sydney Uni Blitz Our EAGALS To Ruin Ladies Day

We were flying before our bye last month, but ever since our Div 4 EAGALS have come head-to-head with the best sides in the competition, and they have been just too good for us. This trend continued, as we faced a turbo-charged Sydney Uni side who were intent on taking the game away from us straight away. At Quarter-Time we were down by 33 points, as Uni were at the top of their game. We were not going to lie down and cop it however, and we came back hard. We refused to be embarrassed on Ladies Day. We matched it with Uni in the second quarter, in fact winning the quarter thanks to goal sneak Dominique Pigott booting our first goal of the game. Unfortunately, this would be our only major of the contest, however our defence was strong in the second-half, limiting Uni’s opportunities on goal. They ambushed us, and we were not expecting it, so this game of two halves went the way of Uni, who won the game by 47 points in the end. Julianna Newton, Angelica Kamperos and Candy Li had good games, adding to their strong form in the first half of the season son far. They got us this time, but you can bet we will look to ambush them just as hard next time.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 1.2.8 to USYD 8.7.55

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125769054&c=1-1047-0-586434-0&pool=1

Men’s Division Two – St George Defend Their Turf And Defeat Eagles

Our greatest mantra in Div 2 this season has been to Protect The Nest. We do not lose at home. As it turns out, it seems St George have a similar approach, as they went to another level on their home turf at Olds Park. We played these blokes in Round 1, defeating them in a strong performance. Perhaps we went in complacent, or St George were just up for the game, because unfortunately they wanted the ball a lot more than we did. It was dewey, and it was early in the morning, but this was no excuse. We were just way off our game. St George turned a 12 point Quarter-Time lead into a 29 point Half-Time lead, and it was their game for the taking. Our second half was much improved, but we were made to pay for a slow start, as the margin was just too hard to claw back. The Dragons deserved to win as they enjoyed a 36 point victory. Alex Colli, Cam Veerhuis and Justin Harding played well once again, as these three are proof of our turnaround in Div 2 this season. We are now 6-3, but keen to make up for our disappointing performance, next round against Sydney Uni.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 3.8.26 to STGD 9.8.62

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759495&c=1-1047-0-586283-0&pool=1

Will Cashmore

EAGALS Remain Undefeated With Win Over Penno

There are two very special dates every East Coast side circles on the calendar each year. Of course, I am talking about the match-ups against our arch rivals Pennnat Hills Demons.

Whilst the annual Back-2-Baulko fiesta will take place later this year, this past weekend saw the two clubs first meeting of the season, on Penno’s home turf at Mike Kenny Oval in Cherrybrook.

The Demons have been struggling in the Women’s Premier Division competition, whilst we have been rolling. We were undefeated going into the contest, whereas Penno had only managed one victory. Thus, the stats would show this should have been an easy victory for us.

Alas, not.

As is typical at Mike Kenny Oval, there was plenty of wind around. I don’t know about you, but I would rather play in pelting rain, compared to swirling wind, such is the frustration of windy conditions. The weather was almost certainly going to play a big role in the outcome of the game.

This was a Topsy-turvy game all things considered, as both sides lead at different times of the game, with Penno gaining the scoreboard advantage after a scrappy first-quarter, as they lead by 6 points. Perhaps, we underrated our opponents going into the game, or we were just not playing to our high standards. Either way, we had to acknowledge Penno had lifted for this local derby, and we had to follow suit.

That we did, as we quickly regained the lead once we kicked towards the end favoured by the wind. We gained the overwhelming momentum in the second quarter, enjoying a 20 point lead at Half-Time. Our EAGALS used their superior pace and skill to really get on top of the contest.

Penno came back firing in the 3rd quarter, not laying down at all, kicking 3 goals to 1, narrowing the margin to 8 points. They were truly giving it everything they had against us, the competition heavyweights.

We needed to respond in the final term, to close out a victory.

In the end, we should of won by more, kicking 1.5 in the last quarter, but after such a scrappy game we didn’t mind too much. Penno couldn’t trouble to scoreboard kicking against the wind in the last, as we won by a 19 point margin.

Coach Ash Moeller maintained that this was not our best game, playing “nowhere near our best footy”, but you need to lock these wins away sometimes. A win is a win after all.

In saying that, after a ton of easier wins this season, it was good for our EAGALS to be challenged like this, with our resolve shining through to comeback and get the win. This result also adds to our unbeaten run to start 2021, which now sits at 8-0.

Renee Tomkins was tremendous playing a pinch-hitting Ruck role, with our usual Rucks Em Hurley and Abbey Martin out. Rylee McGartland added 3 more goals to her season tally. Also with strong performances was the skillful Tarni Evans kicking a goal, as did dynamic forwards Georgie Fowler and Maddi Finch. Caiti Rogers was also in fine form, in her milestone 50th game. Congrats Caiti!

With Ladies Day next week, you can bet our EAGALS will be pumped to go 9-0 against Sydney Uni.

Watch This Space.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Pennant Hills Demons 1.1-7 1.1-7 4.1-25 4.1-25
East Coast Eagles 0.1-1 4.3-27 5.3-33 6.8-44

Pennant Hills Demons

Goal Kickers: N. Pajor 2, B. Wade 2
Best Players: H. Lowe, A. Wade, B. Wade, K. Quinlan, N. Pajor, T. Duguid
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: R. McGartland 3, G. Fowler, M. Finch, T. Evans
Best Players: R. Tomkins, M. Ferguson, A. Barton, N. Gray, S. Hall, C. Rogers
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 8
1 East Coast Eagles 8 8 0 0 594 147 404.08 32
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 8 7 1 0 482 199 242.21 28
3 Southern Power 8 6 2 0 330 243 135.80 24
4 Inner West Magpies 8 5 3 0 446 206 216.50 20
5 North Shore Bombers 8 5 3 0 323 264 122.35 20
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 8 4 4 0 210 403 52.11 16
7 Sydney University 8 3 5 0 207 326 63.50 12
8 Pennant Hills Demons 8 1 7 0 245 393 62.34 4
9 UTS Australian Football Club 8 1 7 0 186 504 36.90 4
10 Macquarie University 8 0 8 0 143 481 29.73 0

Eagles Around The Grounds Round 8

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Outplayed By Ferocious Demons

There are some days in footy, when the ball just does not bounce your way, and the gods aren’t on your side. Round 8 was one of those days for our Magoos. Coming up against a tough and gritty Pennant Hills Demons side at their home ground in Cherrybrook, the arch rival Demons were pumped for the contest. Unfortunately, we couldn’t match them consistently for four quarters. We were hard at the footy for much of the contest, but created too many turnovers, hindering our ability to do any damage on the scoreboard. Down 38 points at Half-Time, Penno kicked into second gear in the third quarter, extending the margin to 73 points. We won the final term, kicking our only two goals for the game through workhorse Ruckman Alex Foxall, and enigmatic forward Alex Ross, however Penno were comfotrbale winners on the day.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 2.9.21 to PHD 12.12.84

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759964&c=1-1047-0-586285-0&pool=1

Women’s Division One – EAGALS Continue Hot Streak By Crushing Local Rival

Our Div 1 EAGALS have won 4 on the trot now, celebrating their perfect month of footy with a brutal win over Penno. Seriously, how good is beating Penno. Sitting at opposite ends of the table going into the game, East Coast were the heavy favourites to beat the Demons in this match, and it quickly became apparent that Penno would be no match for our EAGALS. We were in cruise control for much of the match, reflecting how dominant we were in every facet of the game. We lead by 18 points at Quarter-Time, and Penno kicked their only goal in the second quarter, but we were in front by 30 at the main break. The carnage continued in the second half, with our EAGALS completely outclassing the arch rival to win by 59 points, in an extremely impressive result for the side. Casey Haydon was remarkable in a BOG performance, kicking 5 goals.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.11.65 to PHD 1.0.6

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759168&c=1-1047-0-586291-0&pool=1

Under 19’s Division One – East Coast Win Bruising Battle Against Penno

Intense. Tension-Filled. Brutal. Enthralling. These are just some adjectives which can be used to describe the fierce war that took place on Saturday Night between our Eagle U19s and Pennant Hills. These young blokes had plenty of steam to blow off, and boy they didn’t hold back. Both sides needed to win this game, and you could tell by the contest’s ferocity. We led at every quarter break, the largest margin being 20 points at Half-Time. However, Penno came back hard in the 3rd quarter, narrowing the margin to just 3 points. The final quarter was edge of your seat stuff, a showdown for the ages. It was back and forth, neither side giving in, and the hits became more and more physical. When the final siren sounded, our boys were on top by 8 points, thanks to two unbelievable final quarter goals, which brought our supporters to their feet and promptly silenced those of the Penno fans. Celebrating with the loudest team song I have ever witnessed, our Eagle young guns were worthy winners, in a result which hopefully sets up a massive second half of the season for us.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 8.5.53 to PHD 6.9.45

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759496&c=1-1047-0-586437-0&pool=1

Women’s Division Four – EAGALS Go Down Against In Form Magpies

As the only East Coast side not playing Penno in Round 8, our Div 4 EAGALS were at home aiming to Protect The Nest against South West Sydney. Although the trouble was, the Magpies are in some brilliant form. We knew this was going to be a hard game for us, and the Magpies really brought the fight from the get go, kicking the only goal of the first half to lead by 6 points at Half-Time. Unfortunately, we could not match them in the Premiership 3rd quarter, as the Magpies took control of the game and applied too much scoreboard pressure to combat. We were unable to convert on our chances in front of goal, kicking only 5 behinds for the match. Not the result we wanted, but we will bounce back and look to return to form next week on Ladies Day at Kanebridge.

FINAL SCORE: SWSM 4.5.29 to ECE 0.5.5

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125769094&c=1-1047-0-586434-0&pool=1

Men’s Division Two – Eagles Into Second Spot After Destroying Pennant Hills

The Div 2 boys got the Main Event slot at Penno this weekend, having to wait until 4pm to do their damage on a Penno outfit which better resembled a bunch of Browns Cows, rather than a footy team. Simply put, we were the far more keen side, and we let it show in our footy, as we were constantly first to the ball and the better team skillfully. This has been our best season to date under Coach Michael Lambert, and the footy his side is playing continues to shine each and every week. We are finally getting the blend right, between youth and experience but also between size and skill. Penno were no match for us, as we keep increasing the margin as the game went on, eventually winning by 59 points. Stalwart Timmy Physick kicked 3 goals, as goal-sneaks Lachlan Jansen and Ben Bridie (No Seriously!) kicked 2 each. Midfield/Half-Back utilities Troy Jones and Alex Colli were again fantastic, as the best on ground for us. We now sit 2nd on the table, hunting down first place with a vengeance.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 13.9.87 to PHD 4.4.28

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Will Cashmore

EAGALS Fight Off Tough Bombers Side To Remain Undefeated


That is the big story out of the weekend at East Coast, with our Premier Division EAGALS extending their perfect season record to 7 wins and 0 losses after 7 rounds of footy.

We came up against a strong North Shore Bombers side, a team who were very keen for the challenge and hoping to cause a major boilover. The Bombers are always a tough matchup in any competition, as they typically carry themselves with a winning confidence and attitude. Thus, we knew we could not afford to take this side lightly.

EAGALS Coach Ash Moeller described this contest as a “finals like game”, as there was a different feeling in this one compared to previous rounds. We have beaten sides easily in recent weeks, but this wasn’t the same opposition, we got a real fight out of North Shore. The intensity was through the roof.

The game started on fire for East Coast, with superstar goalkicker Rylee McGartland nailing a Goal Of The Year Contender from the pocket inside the first two minutes of the game. It is hard to describe other than saying it was one of the best goals I’ve seen kicked at Kanebridge for quite some time. This set the tone for a strong first quarter, where we looked to dominate stoppages. We were on top and in front by 8 points at Quarter-Time.

The game was in the balance in the second quarter, but we kept rolling and stayed in front enough to remain the better side, leading by 16 points at the main break. Our defensive structures kept us well in front, as North Shore struggled to get past our rock Renee Tomkins in defence.

We kicked it up a notch in the Premiership quarter, gaining some breathing room over the Bombers to lead by 24 points. Our attack on the footy was hard as nails, and we reaped the rewards because of it. Skills wise we were on song, and another victory was well in sight. 24 points in front at 3QT and the game was ours to lose.

We finished the game strong, kicking away in the end in a physical game of footy that ended like all the others have so far, with the EAGALS victorious, this time by slightly less than usual, but a 34 point win is nothing to sneeze at.

McGartland was impressive once again booting 4 goals, whilst our midfield were tremendous despite their Ruckman having a sizeable advantage. Ally Dallaway, Anna Barton and Chloe Arndt were amongst our best for the day, whilst Laura Moran continued her good form with two goals. Emma Scriven also played her best Prems game yet.

Another day, another win for our EAGALS. We remain unbeaten, on top of the ladder.

Who can stop us?

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 2.3-15 4.6-30 6.8-44 8.8-56
North Shore Bombers 1.1-7 2.2-14 3.2-20 3.4-22

East Coast Eagles

Goal Kickers: R. McGartland 4, L. Moran 2, M. Finch, A. Martin
Best Players: A. Dallaway, A. Barton, R. McGartland, C. Arndt, R. Tomkins, E. Scriven
North Shore Bombers
Goal Kickers: M. Eder, M. Brydon, S. Smit
Best Players: P. Clegg, D. Carruthers, F. Dalton, K. Reynolds, Z. Hurrell, E. Matheson
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After 7 Rounds
1 East Coast Eagles 7 7 0 0 550 122 450.82 28
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 7 6 1 0 416 191 217.80 24
3 Southern Power 7 6 1 0 322 177 181.92 24
4 Inner West Magpies 7 5 2 0 411 167 246.11 20
5 North Shore Bombers 7 4 3 0 284 229 124.02 16
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 7 3 4 0 166 360 46.11 12
7 Sydney University 7 2 5 0 179 300 59.67 8
8 Pennant Hills Demons 7 1 6 0 220 349 63.04 4
9 UTS Australian Football Club 7 1 6 0 143 460 31.09 4
10 Macquarie University 7 0 7 0 117 453 25.83 0

Eagles Around The Grounds Round 7

Premier Division Reserves – Magoos Can’t Match Red Hot North Shore For Four Quarters

We seem to play our best footy against the strongest sides in the Magoos, but North Shore are truly in a league of their own. Back at home, we were keen for a big test against the Bombers, and we knew our defensive resolve would be a key factor in the result. Early on we kept pace with our opposition, with our backline pressure a real strong point for us. North Shore could not find their groove. Unfortunately, we struggled to capatalise on Inside 50s and couldn’t trouble the scoreboard in the first half, trailing by 45 points at the main break. Our competitive fight never wavered, but it was tough to keep up with the elite skills of the Bombers. We played with plenty of courage and spirit, but there would be no stopping North Shore on this day, as we went down by 74 points. Our two goals were scored by notable players: Under 19s Co-Captain Nick Hyland who kicked his first Magoos goal, and Harrison Bultitude who played his first game of 2021 after a nasty pre-season groin injury. Backline king Tom Grove was our best on ground, shutting down North Shore’s best forwards in a huge performance from the big fella.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 2.5.17 to NSW 12.19.91

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Women’s Division One – EAGALS Win A Competitive Game Against Gallant Bombers

I got a first hand view of this game, strutting around as the umpire, and might I say I was definitely impressed. Our Div 1 girls have come so far already this year under the trusty leadership of Coach Jimmy Regan, and they continue to go from strength to strength. We’ve been playing well and being back at home, many would have expected us to win easy in this game. But North Shore are never an easy side to beat, and posed a difficult challenge. This was a rather scrappy affair, a real fight to the death at the ground level at times. However, it was the strong communication from midfielders Paris Mooney and Lauren Jacobs who really lead from the front for the EAGALS, that often allowed our side first use of the footy. Speaking of getting first to the footy, Ruckman Kate Scholz killed it, outmatching her opponent for the majority of the game. We’re we at our best in this one? Probably not, but it was a valuable two points we will absolutely take and celebrate the same as any victory. Most pleasing perhaps was our defensive edge, not conceding any goals for the entire game. Brilliant Stuff. Keely Stevens and Dana Polverino were best on ground for the EAGALS in their 29 point win.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 4.6.30 to NSB 0.1.1

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Under 19’s Division One – North Shore Stamp Authority And Take It To Young Eagles

North Shore are right up there in a lot of competitions, but perhaps none more so than the Under 19s. The Bombers are thriving and flying high, hard to keep up with no matter who matches up against up. We ran into a red hot side without many key players, and it was evident we lacked cohesion in key moments. The Bombers were intent on putting on plenty of scoreboard pressure, however struggled to convert in front of goal which kept East Coast in the game. Our tackling pressure was strong, as was our hunt for the footy, but the Bombers were able to get on the outside and use their speed too often. We were disappointed with the result, but now we know the standard it takes to match it with the best. Nathan Wilson has had a much improved 2021 season, and was fantastic in a BOG performance for us.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 3.4.22 to NSB 8.17.65

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125759302&c=1-1047-0-586437-0&pool=1

Women’s Division Four – EAGALS Momentum Halted By A Rampaging Western Magic

Sometimes in sport when you take a week off for a bye, it can hurt the momentum you have picked up beforehand. This seemed to be the case this past weekend for our Div 4 EAGALS. After missing last week we were raring to go, but then again so were Western Magic. The Western side well and truly brought their magic wands for this game, as everything they touched seemed to turn to gold. Their game plan was to start strong and blow us out of the water from the get go. With the score at 30-0 in their favour come half-time, and they were very much on top. It would take a damn good comeback from us, and whilst we did our best in the last quarter, it was too little too late, as the Magic were too good by 36 points. Angelica Kamperos was tremendous for East Coast, a well deserved BOG for her game.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 3.0.18 to WM 7.12.54

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Men’s Division Two – Eagles Cruise To Strong Win Over North Shore

Such has been the scheduling merry-go-round this season, this past weekend our Div 2 boys played at their standard 9am time slot for the first time in 2021. Matching up against North Shore Bombers Red (one of two Bombers sides in this competition), we were hotly anticipating a tough game, in slippery early morning conditions. We have struggled to hit the scoreboard early in games this season, but against North Shore Red we kicked the first goal, and led by 15 points at Quarter-Time. We played the game at our pace for much of the first half, letting our tackling pressure set the tone and dictate proceedings to lead by 34 points at Half-Time. Going forward we took our put off the gas in the second half, as our goalkicking went a bit haywire. We kicked 1.8 in the second half, and should of won by more, but ugly wins are always valuable. Troy Jones and Justin Harding continued their awesome seasons, and Ben Bridie kicked 2 goals in real highlights of the game. This 25 point win takes us to 2nd on the ladder with an eye on first place sooner rather than later.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 8.12.60 to NSB 5.5.35

Read More – https://eastcoasteagles.com.au/wp-admin/post-new.php

Will Cashmore

Eagles Around The Grounds Round 6

Premier Division Reserves – UTS Too Good For Magoos In Early Morning Contest

The scheduling for our Magoos side has been a bit all over the place this season. In the first 6 weeks we’ve played at our normal midday timeslot, but also under lights plus this past weekend, in the early morning game at 9:30. A trip to Bondi for that time was a tough go, but we aimed to make the best of it from the off. Conditions were not perfect for footy, but the wind didn’t pick up until later on in the day, so for our Magoos there were no excuses. It was tight contest for most of the first half, with neither side gaining strong momentum, but it was UTS who took a slight lead into the half-time break. Unfortunately for us, UTS too advantage of their Inside 50s better then we did, as they were able to find free men in the right spots in front of goal. We were always in the game, but struggled to piece together enough polished ball movement in attack, and were unable to get in front. 7 points was the margin in a close loss. Ryan Fitton, Marty Karafalis, Cam Wilson and Josh Riseborough were all strong contributors for us, but in the end UTS were just too good on the day.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 5.8.38 to UTS 5.15.45

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Women’s Division One – EAGALS Continue To Look Dangerous And Dispatch UTS

It’s not just our Prems EAGALS which are making a ton of noise this season, because our Div 1 Girls are also on an absolute roll. Our record stands at 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at the moment, and that loss was only by one point. Had a couple things over the opening 6 rounds gone slightly our way, we’d be undefeated. Needless to say, we are at the top of our game right now, and Saturday against UTS was no different. Trumper Park can be a difficult place to play, due to the smaller size compared to Kanebridge, but we made the challenge look easy, as we ran our opponents right out of the game. We wanted that footy more than UTS in this game, and we were intent on making another strong impact. Our first half was fairly even, only up by 11 at half-time. The game was in the balance, but Coach Jimmy Regan steadied the ship and fired his girls up for a massive second-half, and our EAGALS delivered. Kicking 7 goals to 2 in the second half had our EAGALS lighting it up, and there was no stopping us on the way to a 44 point win. Maddy Ferguson and Nellie McMillan crushed it in this game, in a sensational showcase for the clubs depth in our Women’s ranks. Greta stuff girls.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 9.10.64 to UTS 3.2.20

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Under 19’s Division One – Eagle Young Guns Respond With Strong Win

Last week was a tough hit-out for our junior Eagles, with the Under 19s struggling to stay with UNSW for four quarters of footy. This week we faced another Uni team, but UTS were no match for us. The game started with some end to end action, neither side giving an inch. Both sides were evenly matched on the ladder heading into the contest, thus early dominance would be crucial in winning the mental battle. We followed a tight first quarter, with a 5 goal second term, allowing us to stamp our authority on the scoreboard. We kicked another 5 in the premiership quarter, as it was becoming apparent that we were easily the more speedy and skillful side. We eventually won by 35 points, a pleasing performance in a game we should of won. Jacob Jones was tremendous on debut, as a standout performer.

FINAL SCORE: ECE 15.8.98 to UTS 9.9.63

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Women’s Division Four – BYE

Our Div 4 Women’s side had a bye this week, meaning they sit 2nd on the ladder after 6 rounds, behind South West Sydney.

Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?c=1-1047-0-586434-0&a=LADDER

Men’s Division Two – Eagles Come Home Hard But Ultimately Go Down To UTS

This was a game that we should of won, and we all knew it. That’s what made it so disappointing when we were on the losing end after the final siren. Traveling into the heart of our city for a matchup against UTS, our Div 2 boys were keen on another strong performance. We were good in patches, but we learnt that this will not always be good enough. UTS were a good side, very underrated going off their ladder position. UTS swarmed us in the key moments, and we were made to chase when the game got to its closing stages. We came home with a wet sail, kicking 6 last quarter goals. But it wasn’t enough. UTS took the result by just 2 points, and we were devastated. Despite the loss, we know where we failed and know where we can improve to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We will come back stronger.


Read More – https://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125758545&c=1-1047-0-586283-0&pool=1

Will Cashmore

EAGALS Keep On Rolling With Another Demolition Job

If footy was like a Western Movie, then the EAGALS are the band of gunslingers who everyone fears.

In 2021, our Women’s Premier Division side have carried themselves with a presence, an aura of confidence, but also a beaming nature of mateship. Not only this, but when our EAGALS hit the field they play every single week, delivering the same message to the rest of the competition….

Step Up, And We Will Knock You Right Back Down.

I don’t want to float the phrase Premiership Favourites too heavily for fear of being a jinx, but let’s just say that right now our EAGALS are untouchable.

Round 6, and UTS were our next opponents. So far this season, we have proven that no matter if we are home or away, we bring the pain and get the job done. A game at Bondi in cold, windy conditions wasn’t going to phase us.

Our first half was elite, with our set structures working to a tee, taking UTS best players out of the game from the get go. We worked as an unbreakable unit, with our ball movement cutting UTS to pieces despite the swirly conditions. Everywhere you looked, our EAGALS simply outclassed UTS. No matter whether it was our forward line, led by superstar Rylee McGartland, or our backline who were well on the way to another shutout. Perhaps above all else, it was our midfield which was most impressive. Ally Dallaway, Anna Barton and Jade Swabey were on fire, winning the majority of the contests in the middle, to give their teammates the best chance of going forward. As per usual, our midfield was all held together by the super effort of commanding Ruck Em Hurley. We led by 45 at Half-Time.

We just don’t have any weak links at the current moment, and it only promises to get better.

The game was far more competitive then reflected on the scoreboard in the second half, but it was purely academic, the game was over in the first half, UTS were not coming back. A 6 goal to nil third quarter solidified a big win for our EAGALS, and the final term was goalless for both sides due to the tough conditions, but this didn’t bother us too much.

McGartland finished with 5 goals, and our backline held UTS to zero goals. Another incredible day.

We’re 6-0, and flying high on top of the table. That’s the EAGAL way.

Somebody Stop Us.

If You Can.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
UTS Australian Football Club 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.2-2 0.3-3
East Coast Eagles 4.3-27 7.4-46 13.7-85 13.9-87

UTS Australian Football Club

Best Players: T. Mackrill, A. Stramotas, P. Smyth, E. Ross, A. Amberg, A. Houlahan
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: R. McGartland 5, A. Martin 2, E. Hurley 2, G. Fowler, J. Jolliffe, M. Finch, A. Dallaway
Best Players: A. Dallaway, A. Barton, E. Hurley, J. Swabey, C. Arndt, B. Parker
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 6
1 East Coast Eagles 6 6 0 0 494 100 494.00 24
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 6 5 1 0 370 177 209.04 20
3 Southern Power 6 5 1 0 293 173 169.36 20
4 Inner West Magpies 6 4 2 0 329 153 215.03 16
5 North Shore Bombers 6 4 2 0 262 173 151.45 16
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 6 3 3 0 152 278 54.68 12
7 Pennant Hills Demons 6 1 5 0 191 317 60.25 4
8 Sydney University 6 1 5 0 147 271 54.24 4
9 UTS Australian Football Club 6 1 5 0 139 431 32.25 4
10 Macquarie University 6 0 6 0 103 407 25.31 0