EAGALS Destroy Bulldogs In Bloodbath Victory

As the writer of these weekly match reports, I am truly struggling to find enough unique adjectives to describe how well this team is playing.

Our EAGALS just cannot be stopped. It is beginning to get scary.

Heading into Round 5 back at home, after two weeks on the road, we were keen as a bean to kick some goals on our home turf, and believe me there were plenty of scoring opportunities in this one. Facing a UNSW Bulldogs team that boasted a 3-1 record, we weren’t expecting an easy contest. We ourselves were 4-0, but with some key players out there was still a big challenge ahead.

The great thing about our women’s program in 2021, is that the leadership at the top coming from our elite coaching group have built this squad as one, and to play as one. No matter who comes in and out of our 3 sides, we would be on the same page and singing to the same tune. Considering the form of our Prems EAGALS, Ash Moeller’s first grade side is brilliant evidence of this.

From the first bounce we were locked in, ready and willing to get to the ball first and support with numbers in waves. UNSW looked to shutdown our spread early, but braver teams have tried and plenty more have failed in this regard. We were just too speedy and skillful for our opponents, and the margin kept increasing at a rapid rate.

There have been many games over the years, when our EAGALS are clearly the dominant side, and if they felt like it they could easily put the cue in the rack. Coasting to a victory sounds easy right? I dare say if you ask any of our players this they were absolutely disagree, because we have continued to show no mercy. A foot on throat mentality has defined our season thus far, and it has made for some dazzling displays, which are all but certain to continue on as we progress through the rounds.

Quarter-by-quarter, the scores hardly mattered, because this day was all about us. UNSW were on the wrong end of a hiding. Our backline were tested at times, but once again we rose to the occasion. Our strong backline led by Renee Tomkins, Bryany Parker, Bailee Hourigan and Anna Barton continue to intimidate all who come up against us. Underestimate this backline at your peril, because they prove time and time again that they refuse to be beaten.

Up forward Jordyn Jollife was super impressive, kicking 4 gun goals, her first for the club. Abbey Martin also starred with 3 goals, as did Brooke Bailey, who on debut kicked her first of three goals only 15 seconds after running on the ground. You cannot write this stuff. Fantastic. Rylee McGartland also added a stock standard 3 goals for her EAGALS.

Our midfield, what more need I say. The scoreline reflects an engine room that completely outplayed the Bulldogs in every area imaginable.

The final score was 138-7.

131 points the margin.

Statement made.

We remain undefeated atop the ladder.

This competition had better watch out.

Will Cashmore


ECE 21.12.138

UNSW 1.1.7

East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Jolliffe 4, R. McGartland 3, A. Martin 3, B. Bailey 3, M. Finch 2, B. Parker, C. Rogers, E. Scriven, L. Moran, R. Tomkins, E. Hurley
Best Players: B. Parker, E. Hurley, A. Dallaway, J. Jolliffe, M. Finch, A. Barton
UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs
Goal Kickers: I. Burstin
Best Players: R. Mount, N. Hicks, J. Jarrett, A. Pellen, I. Hardwick, Z. Devlin
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Divsion Ladder After Round 5
1 East Coast Eagles 5 5 0 0 407 97 419.59 20
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 5 4 1 0 331 165 200.61 16
3 Southern Power 5 4 1 0 257 152 169.08 16
4 North Shore Bombers 5 3 2 0 224 138 162.32 12
5 Inner West Magpies 5 3 2 0 236 152 155.26 12
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 5 3 2 0 131 242 54.13 12
7 Sydney University 5 1 4 0 135 232 58.19 4
8 Pennant Hills Demons 5 1 4 0 156 279 55.91 4
9 UTS Australian Football Club 5 1 4 0 136 344 39.53 4
10 Macquarie University 5 0 5 0 102 314 32.48 0

EAGALS Get Revenge On Inner Wests In Emphatic Win

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and our EAGALS well and truly showed this against Inner Wests in Round 4.

The Magpies knocked us out of the competition last season, in a disappointing end to a campaign which we hoped would end with a flag. Needless to say, this win was sweet revenge. After this result, our end goal looks just that little bit likelier to come true, not that I want to get too ahead of myself.

Going into the game, the focus was clearly on winning contests, as we knew winning 1 on 1 contests would be a massive factor. Wests are a tough side to play against, as one of the more physical sides in the competition, so it would be our job to bring a superior and relentless level of pressure.

We controlled the game well and with plenty of energy in the first quarter, outsmarting our opposition with some strong switches out of the backline getting us on the front foot. We achieved far more Inside 50s compared to the Magpies in the first term, and whilst we couldn’t find too many goals, it was only a matter of time.

We turned up the heat in the second quarter, our tackling pressure a key feature of the game as per usual. We climbed the mountain in the this period, extending the margin to 24 points at half time. After a goalless quarter, Wests were hurting as we were leading almost every facet of the contest.

An almost identical quarter followed in the Premiership quarter, putting Wests to the sword to damaging effect, leading by 44 at the final break.

The final quarter saw fatigue set in, as Wests managed a couple of consolation goals, but not enough to ruin our day. We won by 31 points, an emphatic victory that is for sure.

In the eyes of Coach Ash Moeller, our forward line was immense, better than it had been all year in face, with ace Rylee McGartland dominating with 5 goals. Laura Moran also had a strong showing, playing a particularly crafty role on her way to kicking 2 goals. Georgia Garnett was typically fantastic, starring across half-back and on-ball. Chloe Arndt continues to stand up in big games, delivering when it counts with many big tackles. As far as midfielders go in this competition, we might have the best in Ally Dallaway as she was a contest and clearance beast on Saturday, forming a wicked combo with debutant Ruck Jackie Smith. Tarni Evans showcased her spearing left boot out of the midfield as well, providing our forwards tons of chances to score. Finally, Renee Tomkins was a huge addition, holding Giants AFLW player Bec Privitelli to a quiet game. She is the leader of our backline for a reason.

This game was classic viewing for East Coast supporters, watching our EAGALS wear the jersey with such pride and playing with just as much passion. They are the crown jewel of our club at the moment, sitting pretty atop the ladder.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Inner West Magpies 1.1-7 1.2-8 1.3-9 3.6-24
East Coast Eagles 2.2-14 5.2-32 8.5-53 8.7-55
Inner West Magpies
Goal Kickers: G. Behan 2, R. Privitelli
Best Players: E. Pease, M. Convery, D. Elliston, E. Todd, B. Fox-Quinn, E. Morris
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: R. McGartland 5, L. Moran 2, S. Ford
Best Players: G. Garnett, C. Arndt, A. Dallaway, T. Evans, R. Tomkins, R. McGartland
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 4
1 East Coast Eagles 4 4 0 0 269 90 298.89 16
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 4 3 1 0 287 123 233.33 12
3 Southern Power 4 3 1 0 202 114 177.19 12
4 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3 3 0 0 115 70 164.29 12
5 North Shore Bombers 3 2 1 0 148 85 174.12 8
6 Inner West Magpies 4 2 2 0 174 132 131.82 8
7 Sydney University 4 1 3 0 97 177 54.80 4
8 UTS Australian Football Club 4 1 3 0 116 282 41.13 4
9 Pennant Hills Demons 4 0 4 0 92 257 35.80 0
10 Macquarie University 4 0 4 0 80 250 32.00 0

Magpies Swoop On Eagles In East vs West Battle Of Birds

It was the battle of the birds in the Sydney AFL’s Round 4 East vs West Showdown, as our East Coast Eagles took on the Western Suburbs Magpies at Picken Oval in Round 4.

This would be a slogfest of a game, with Wests being notoriously tough to play against at home, and the Eagles always being a tough gritty side at the footy. For Wests, they were coming into this game after dropping their annual ANZAC Day clash with Pennant Hills, whilst Eagle spirits were up and about after gaining our first win by thumping Camden. Its pretty early in the season to call this a must win game for both sides, but they definitely didn’t hold back from the get go. Both sides wanted the win.

The first quarter was won by Wests on the scoreboard, but from an East Coast perspective, we looked the better side. According to Coach Damien Truslove, we met our key performance indicators in the first term, but were just left ruing missed opportunities on goal. Down by 9 at the first break, the second stanza would have a key impact on the end result.

Wests used this time to pounce, capitalizing on some East Coast miss-kicks, to score heavily off turnovers. Wests are a momentum side, and thrive off having the upper hand even if it be for 5 or so minutes. They like to use their hot streaks to make their opponents pay quickly. We struggled to shut down Wests momentum in the second quarter, and went into half-time 40 points down. This by no means meant the game was over, but we needed to fix the little things if were any chance to mount a comeback.

East Coast looked for an early break in the third term, but Wests held their grip on the game, making it even tougher for us to make in-roads. We kicked a few goals during their period, but not enough to make Wests too uncomfortable, thus we trailed by 38 at 3QT.

We never gave up, but it wasn’t our day. Picken Oval is an underrated road trip in this competition, as Wests seem to go to the next level when playing there. They won the key moments in the last quarter, eventually doubling our score to win by 52 points.

Stephen O’Connor was a massive inclusion for East Coast this week, with the veteran Ruckman making a massive impact winning plenty of taps to give our on-ballers first possession at the stoppages. Our young brigade also took some big steps forward during this clash, with Will Mitchell, Corey Dowle and Cameron Wilson being especially impressive, particularity in defense.

As Truslove said on the match “They scored lots from turnovers, meaning we need to fix our skill execution. We also need to tidy up our off-ball defence to prevent sides from putting big scores on us”.

Couldn’t of said it any better myself. We know what the focus is, and its going to be a big week in preparation for a massive game against UNSW back at the NEST in Round 5.

Will Cashmore
final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Inner West Magpies 2.1-13 8.4-52 11.5-71 16.7-103
East Coast Eagles 0.4-4 1.6-12 4.9-33 7.9-51
Inner West Magpies
Goal Kickers: B. Zoppo 4, B. Lagana 2, E. Harper 2, P. O”Connell 2, J. Robinson, C. McEvoy-Gray, B. Bux, B. Klemke, J. Zoppo, N. McCormack
Best Players: P. O”Connell, C. McEvoy-Gray, B. Klemke, B. Lagana, P. Wilmot, N. McCormack
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: B. Clark 2, J. Cutting 2, B. Stewart, T. Zdrilic, K. Merson
Best Players: W. Mitchell , C. Dowle, C. Wilson, K. Merson, B. Stewart, J. Cutting
2021 Sydney AFL Men’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 4
1 North Shore Bombers 4 4 0 0 354 163 217.18 16
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 4 3 1 0 446 154 289.61 12
3 Pennant Hills Demons 4 3 1 0 303 220 137.73 12
4 Inner West Magpies 4 2 1 1 266 268 99.25 10
5 UTS Australian Football Club 4 2 2 0 351 280 125.36 8
6 St George Dragons 4 2 2 0 324 272 119.12 8
7 Sydney University 4 1 2 1 215 292 73.63 6
8 Manly Warringah Wolves 4 1 3 0 236 290 81.38 4
9 East Coast Eagles 4 1 3 0 240 297 80.81 4
10 Camden Cats 4 0 4 0 146 645 22.64 0

EAGALS Cruise To Big Win Over Maq Uni

There was a time not too long ago, when Macquarie University vs East Coast Eagles in the Women’s Premier Division would be a main event worthy contest. Both sides were the big dogs of the competition, always keen to fight it out and prove they were the best team going.

Those days are well behind us, and we won the war.

Approaching this game, our EAGALS had some massive recruits come in to the side, with GWS AFLW players Georgia Garnett, Tarni Evans and Alyce Parker playing their first games of the season. You can bet everyone was excited to see how the Giants girls would go in the EAGAL blue and gold. Garnett of course has been an EAGAL for life, whereas, Evans and Parker were playing their very first games for the club entirely. Without doubt they earnt their stripes in Round 3, playing fantastic debut games, in which they both kicked a goal.

The game started hot for East Coast, with our EAGALS busting out of the gates with a six goal quarter to a duck egg from their opponent. We controlled the game comfortably, and hardly looked challenged around the ground. 36-0 at Quarter-Time and the scoreline was only going one way.

We kept up the pressure in the second term, but got a touch inaccurate in front of the big sticks. A 53 point lead at Half-Time is nothing to frown about, but it could have been more had we kicked straighter.

Our EAGALS looked to make amends in the 3rd quarter, and they did just that kicking 4 goals and 2 behinds, to keep the scoreboard ticking over well in our favour. Maq Uni tried their hardest, but nothing was stopping our EAGAL onslaught.

The night conditions meant the ground became dewey late in the contest, therefore the scrap intensified. We were on the winning end for the majority of 50/50 possessions, as our EAGALS stayed in the hunt until the final siren, kicking Maq Uni to the curb by a destructive 103 points.

It was well and truly our day.

Summer Hall was tremendous in her best game for the club thus far, Ruckman Em Hurley continued her fine run of form but again the highlight reel was dominated by crafty forward Georgina Fowler. Fowler kicked 6 goals, to assert herself as one of the best young players in the league. Rylee McGartland added 3 goals of her own, in another strong game from the key forward.

3-0 and we’ve barely busted a sweat, sitting pretty atop the table undefeated. Our EAGALS are on fire to begin the season, and the challenge now is to not let our standards drop as we head towards Round 4 next week.

Will Cashmore

Final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Macquarie University 0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 2.0-12
East Coast Eagles 5.6-36 8.11-59 12.13-85 15.15-105

Macquarie University

Goal Kickers: C. Quinn 2
Best Players: E. Hicks, H. Kowal, K. Johnston, J. Hicks, S. Lee, C. Davis
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: G. Fowler 6, R. McGartland 3, S. Hall, A. Parker, T. Evans, E. Hurley, S. Ford, B. Parker
Best Players: G. Fowler, E. Hurley, T. Evans, S. Ford, B. Parker, S. Hall
2021 Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 3
1 East Coast Eagles 3 3 0 0 214 66 324.24 12
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3 3 0 0 115 70 164.29 12
3 Manly Warringah Wolves 3 2 1 0 206 90 228.89 8
4 Inner West Magpies 3 2 1 0 150 77 194.81 8
5 North Shore Bombers 3 2 1 0 148 85 174.12 8
6 Southern Power 3 2 1 0 137 99 138.38 8
7 UTS Australian Football Club 3 1 2 0 80 244 32.79 4
8 Sydney University 3 0 3 0 59 141 41.84 0
9 Macquarie University 3 0 3 0 65 185 35.14 0
10 Pennant Hills Demons 3 0 3 0 59 176 33.52 0

Prems Men Get The Job Done In Ben Bourke’s 150th

Talk about a bounce back.

Sometimes in footy, you go through a dip in form and it is up to senior players to lead from the front and get the side back on track.

According to Coach Damien Truslove, we saw this happen on the weekend, as our Eagles Men’s Premier Division team recorded their first win of Season 2020, blitzing Camden on their own home turf at Fairfax Oval.

Our old heads really stood up in response to a disappointing opening fortnight, knowing anything less than a strong win against the Cats would be a disaster. There could be no better occasion for the lads to hit back, with the side celebrating club legend Ben Bourke’s 150th First Grade game for the club.

Joining the club as a young man over a decade ago, Bourke has played in many great sides over the years, winning 4 Premierships as he became well known as one of the best and toughest backman in all of Sydney AFL. A former captain of the club, Bourke celebrated the milestone in style, turning in a true tradesman like performance.

We kicked off the game well, bringing plenty of heat from the word go. Camden could hardly get a roll on, such was the tackling pressure coming from East Coast. The Eagles needed to turn momentum into scoreboard pressure, and they certainly achieved this in a big way, kicking 5 goals in the first term to lead by 21 points at Quarter-Time.

In the second quarter, it was now or never for Camden. They needed to respond quick or else the Eagles ambush would continue. Luckily for us, we kept our feet right down on the gas and turned up the heat even more so. Camden had no answers, we were just too quick, and too skillful on this day. A score of 47-0 in the second term, gave the Eagles a 81-13 lead at Half-Time.

The second half of the game would not decide who won the match, but rather by how much East Coast would win by. In a pleasing effort, East Coast’s attack on the footy continued to be strong, as was their ball movement going forward. Calmness and patience returned to their game style in Round 3, something we seemed to lack in the opening rounds. We just seemed in control all day.

As the day grew old, and the sky turned dark, our key forwards hit the scoresheets we great superiority. Josh Cutting ended with 5 majors, whilst Bailey Stewart kicked 4 in a positive return from injury.

Winning by 72 points is always fun, but the most exciting thing to see was how well we kept to our game plan and played our way. We went on the road, and took it to an opposition side on their own deck, winning with style. Karl Merson put together a second consecutive BOG performance for East Coast, while debutant Angus Edwards must be congratulated on a stirring first game, laying some brutal tackles and kicking a well earnt goal. This kid is going places ladies and gentleman. Remember The Name.

We break our duck for the year, but we must by no means get complacent. Inner Wests next week will be a tough game away from home once again, but the challenge still remains must-win.

Will Cashmore

Camden Cats 2.1-13 2.1-13 5.3-33 7.5-47
East Coast Eagles 5.4-34 12.9-81 13.13-91 17.17-119
Camden Cats
Goal Kickers: K. Veerhuis 3, J. Gilheany 2, C. Trewhella, N. Woolley
Best Players: K. Veerhuis, T. Georgiou, D. Stalker, Z. Zafosnik, N. Woolley, S. Rooke
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Cutting 5, B. Stewart 4, T. Zdrilic 2, A. Edwards, K. Merson, C. Wilson, B. Clark, K. Spencer, B. Coxall
Best Players: K. Merson, B. Stewart, K. Spencer, A. Drinkwater, B. Jones, Z. Johns
2021 Sydney AFL Men’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 3
1 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3 3 0 0 397 96 413.54 12
2 North Shore Bombers 3 3 0 0 296 114 259.65 12
3 UTS Australian Football Club 3 2 1 0 303 205 147.80 8
4 Pennant Hills Demons 3 2 1 0 209 179 116.76 8
5 Inner West Magpies 3 1 1 1 163 217 75.12 6
6 Manly Warringah Wolves 3 1 2 0 195 196 99.49 4
7 East Coast Eagles 3 1 2 0 189 194 97.42 4
8 St George Dragons 3 1 2 0 153 217 70.51 4
9 Sydney University 3 0 2 1 140 244 57.38 2
10 Camden Cats 3 0 3 0 91 474 19.20 0

East Coast Fade Late Against Dogged Manly Wolves

We’re all about protecting the nest at East Coast in 2021, but unfortunately our Premier Division Men’s side were unable to gain their first win of the season in Round 2, falling short against Manly. With plenty of changes to the side, including young debutant Lachlan Mason, the clubs 4th debutant in just two weeks after Corey Dowle, Nipper Adams and Nathan Fox debuted in Round 1, cohesion was going to be the biggest challenge.

An overcast day at Kanebridge Oval played host to a physical affair between the two sides, with both determined to get the early jump and assert dominance. The Eagles got on top, starting the game really well with strong attack on both the footy and the opposition. In addition, East Coast’s ball movement was strong, our offensive work singing with some sensational passages of play. Coach Damien Truslove went as far as to say the ball movement against Manly was better compared to Round 1 vs. St George.

Ultimately, the first quarter was a shootout, both teams kicking 2 goals a piece to draw 12-12 at the first break.

East Coast looked to gain that team chemistry it was looking for. However, it was then when things started to go pear shaped. Injuries befell the Eagles once again, with Ruckman Andrew Browning and Centre Half-Back (and co-captain) Zach Johns, going down with painful injuries. Two key injuries will throw any footy side out of whack, and this left the remaining players with a big job to continue on. Manly took a 9 point lead into half-time, kicking 1.5 in the 2nd term, to our 0.2.

Manly looked to put their foot down in the 3rd term, however the Eagles remained competitive, despite putting little scoreboard pressure on. Also, it was in this quarter that the debuting Mason kicked a wonderful goal from the forward pocket, which raised the sides energy. 16 points down at 3QT, and the ball was in Manly’s court. We needed to respond.

The Wolves were howling too loudly but, dominating the last quarter. East Coast’s contest method and team defence fell away, as the scoreline blew out. With greater accuracy in front of goal, perhaps Manly may have won by more, but nonetheless they happily claimed a 42 point win over the Eagles.

Leadership Team Member Karl Merson had a strong game, as did other key players in Brandon Clark and Aaron Drinkwater, as well as youngster Kyle Spencer.

0-2 to start the season is not where we wanted to be, but this is the situation we are in and it is up to us to get ourselves out of the hole. A do or die clash against Camden next week is the next task, and we must lift.

Will Cashmore

East Coast Eagles 2.0-12 2.2-14 3.2-20 4.4-28
Manly Warringah Wolves 2.0-12 3.5-23 4.12-36 9.16-70

East Coast Eagles

Goal Kickers: L. Mason, K. Merson, J. Cutting, T. Zdrilic
Best Players: K. Merson, B. Clark, A. Drinkwater, C. Dowle, K. Spencer, B. Coxall
Manly Warringah Wolves
Goal Kickers: J. De Angelis 2, L. Behagg 2, N. Marsh 2, J. Bennett, K. LeJeune, J. Field
Best Players: J. Field, L. Channell, N. Marsh, T. Wright, A. Butler, J. De Angelis

2021 Sydney AFL Men’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 2

Eagles Fight Hard But Fall Short Against Dragons

There was renewed hope and excitement in the Kanebridge Oval air going into Round 1, with the East Coast Eagles ushering into a new era. Damien Truslove is the new man at the helm for the Men’s Premier Division side, and he faced a tough test first up, meeting 2020 semi-finalists St George Dragons.

With a bunch of new players, and some returning veterans, team chemistry would perhaps be the biggest challenge. However, with Truslove’s positive mantra of development and competitive hunger, anything is possible in 2021.

The Dragons brought a side with plenty of youth to the Nest, looking to ambush us with speed and skill. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we were ready for the battle.

Injuries are a large part of every footy clubs season, but you never want to see too many this early. Unfortunately, we lost some key players towards the beginning of the contest, making our job even tougher. A 4 quarter effort would still be key, despite being down on troops.

St George could only manage one major in the first quarter, whilst we grinded hard in defence to rebound out of our D50, with former and current captains Ben Bourke and Zach Johns leading the way for East Coast.

Returning youngster Brendan Coxall kicked our first goal of 2021 in the second quarter, as again St George only slotted one major in the second term. Clearly, our manic pressure at the stoppages was having an impact, as the Dragons could not seize momentum.

In was a tight contest in the Premiership quarter, as we looked to get on top and build some scoreboard pressure. We were strong through the centre of the ground, going forward with plenty of Inside 50s, but St George took a 13 point lead into 3QT.

Round 1 is always tough no matter the place, time or opponent. Bodies aren’t quite match fit yet, and legs are sore to cramp up the longer the game goes. We seemed to suffer from this late, as St George ran away with the game, kicking 5 goals to 2 in the final term. Although, the 35 point margin did not reflect the competitiveness of the match, with the game being far closer for the majority.

Coach Damien Truslove had this to say:

“It was a pleasing first hit out, and the boys fought hard for 4 quarters. Losing a couple to injury early, meant we had few rotations available. We were very good at stoppage and looked good going Inside 50. We will work hard at training on our ball movement and contest method. Can’t wait to crack into Manly next week. Our best were Andrew Browning in the Ruck, new Co-Captains Brandon Clark and Zach Johns, as well as Ben Bourke and Aaron Drinkwater”.

After a tough 2020, we needed to come into this season and show some fight, and boy did we. The Eagles did the Nest proud, and showed a lot of renewed promise.

Will Cashmore

East Coast Eagles 0.1-1 2.3-15 4.3-27 6.6-42
St George Dragons 1.4-10 2.7-19 5.10-40 10.17-77
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: K. Merson 2, B. Stewart, B. Coxall, B. Jones, N. Adams
Best Players: A. Browning, B. Clark, A. Drinkwater, B. Bourke, Z. Johns, B. Stewart
St George Dragons
Goal Kickers: E. Maher 2, N. Casalini 2, J. Dol 2, L. Maze, N. Kenny, D. Soffe, T. Coenen
Best Players: N. Kenny, B. Hodgson, K. Pfrengle, D. Soffe, J. Dol, T. Coenen
2021 Sydney AFL Men’s Premier Division Ladder After Round 1
1 UTS Australian Football Club 1 1 0 0 142 25 568.00 4
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 1 1 0 0 87 33 263.64 4
3 North Shore Bombers 1 1 0 0 86 35 245.71 4
4 St George Dragons 1 1 0 0 77 42 183.33 4
5 Inner West Magpies 1 1 0 0 59 54 109.26 4
6 Manly Warringah Wolves 1 0 1 0 54 59 91.53 0
7 East Coast Eagles 1 0 1 0 42 77 54.55 0
8 Sydney University 1 0 1 0 35 86 40.70 0
9 Pennant Hills Demons 1 0 1 0 33 87 37.93 0
10 Camden Cats 1 0 1 0 25 142 17.61 0

EAGALS Lose Out In Preliminary Final Battle Of The Birds

Finals footy is about rising to the occasion. Despite a four quarter effort and a never say die attitude, our EAGALS could not pull out the victory against an aggressive Inner Wests Magpies outfit.

After a slim loss to Manly last week in the first Grand Final Qualifier, East Coast ventured to Henson Park for their final bite of the cherry. It was do or die footy, with a spot in the big dance on the line. There was no tommorow for the loser.

Adding even more gravitas to the narrative, Inner Wests Magpies was one of only two sides to beat our EAGALS in the home and away season, back in Round 1.

The Magpies play a bruising style of footy. They really throw their weight around, and seek to use momentum to their advantage. We had to counter that if we wanted to secure a Grand Final berth.

The first quarter was a tough affair, both sides had plenty of the footy yet neither could kick a goal. The EAGALS struggled with forward 50 entries, despite their strong ability to earn clearances.

With a score of just 2-1 at Quarter-Time, we were only just behind in this stalemate.

Both sides returned to the field fired up, and after Inner Wests worked their way towards their goal, our defence faltered for only a second, as the Magpies scrambled to kick the first goal of the day.

Never fear EAGAL fans, as it wasn’t too long until we got one back through Shannon Smit. Smit was able to capitalize on a fortunate 50 metre free kick, before roosting one from 30 out straight through the sticks at the carpark end, before launching into a fired up celebration to pump up the side.

A stalemate resumed after this, and the scores were locked at 8-8 going into half-time.

The old saying in footy goes: The 3rd Quarter is the Premiership Quarter. Boy how this was proven true on Saturday.

Inner Wests came out of the blocks determined to make their move. As they won the clearance battle and made few mistakes with their skills, the Magpies began to run away with the game. The EAGALS lost key players to injuries, and it began to unravel for us. Down 40-8 at 3QT, we needed a response and quick.

Kicking with the wind in the final quarter, we had to go straight away; and we did. Skipper Sarah Ford went to her danger zone, and led her side back into the battle in an inspired effort. Ford, Georgia Garnett and Em Hurley kicked three rapid goals in a flurry to bring the game back to life.

Inner Wests were flustered but they regained footing, and played a very defensive game from here on out. They were hanging by a thread, all they could do was try and hold on.

It was a fantastic game of footy for the final 10 minutes, but time was fast running out.

We never gave up, our hearts were always in it, but alas the siren sounded and the EAGALS were still behind.

Inner Wests got the job done, and ran out 14 point winners, booking their spot in an intriguing 2020 Grand Final against Manly.

As mentioned Sarah Ford and Shannon Smit were unbelievable, with both throwing themselves into every contest with incredible desire for the footy, especially when Smit became the makeshift Ruckman late. Ally Dallaway and Georgia Garnett were additionally tremendous, showcasing a strong skill set and hunger for the footy all over the ground.

It wasn’t to be in 2020, but wow what a year it has been.

The entire East Coast Eagles family commend and applaud our EAGALS on their achievements this season, as they continue to show why they are one of the best endorsement for women’s sport in our community.

Will Cashmore


East Coast Eagles 0.1-1 1.2-8 1.2-8 4.3-27
Inner West Magpies 0.2-2 1.2-8 6.4-40 6.5-41
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: G. Garnett, E. Hurley, S. Ford, S. Smit
Best Players: G. Garnett, A. Dallaway, C. Arndt, S. Ford, S. Smit, B. Hourigan
Inner West Magpies
Goal Kickers: R. Privitelli 3, L. Lodge 2, M. Ekman
Best Players: L. Kassem, E. Heads, M. Convery, R. Privitelli, M. Montgomerie, L. Lodge

Finals Footy Roars At Kanebridge But EAGALS Lose A Close One

It had the potential to be one of the greatest games ever seen at Kanebridge Oval. Although difficult conditions, namely frustrating winds, prevented the contest from reaching its apex, this Grand Final Qualifier was still an outstanding battle between two sides desperate for a win.

The EAGALS had the ball in their court. A home semi-final against Minor Premiers Manly, and a returning EAGAL in Em Goodsir, where the winner would launch into a Grand Final.

“We Never Lose At Home” was the message of motivation for the EAGALS in the sheds prior to the game, a true fact, since our Premier Division Women had yet to be beaten at home in 2020. There was a job to do, and it was up to our EAGALS to complete their mission.

As mentioned, frustrating winds kept both teams at bay early, making it increasingly challenging to hit targets with the boot and put together too many strong passages of play. Straight out of the gate, it became clear that this contest would be a grind for four quarters, with goals coming at a premium.

Despite the conditions, Manly were able to win the first clearance and quickly enter Inside 50, before kicking the first goal of the game. The EAGALS looked for a response all quarter, with midfielder Ally Dallaway impressing with her run and speed through the middle part of the ground to provide her forwards with scoring opportunities. Shannon Smit was also playing a massive role, throwing herself at every contest and becoming a real strong marking presence up front. Unfortunately, still we couldn’t find a goal and went into Quarter-Time down by 5 points.

We went into the next term determined to get back on top. Em Hurley was awarded a free kick and slotted our first goal of the day, before Manly countered with a major of their own. It was tough going for our EAGALS, with unfortunate injuries beginning to affect structures, making it a challenge to keep focused and switched on at times. Nevertheless, we were right in the game at half-time as Manly kept their 5 point lead.

The 3rd quarter had to be our best, as this is the time where the big games are won and lost. We gained first momentum, and were on song defensively, becoming a fortress with Renee Tomkins running the show and destroying anyone who came near. Manly defended well themselves, but after a build-up of untidy errors from the opposition, Georgina Fowler took advantage and kicked our second goal. Still, Manly kept the lead at 3QT, 6 points up.

The final term took an age, with multiple Manly injuries causing a halt in play, and even the boundary umpire unfortunately going down injured. Therefore, it was hard to get any real rhythm going, but the ball started moving faster than it had all game. The game saw plenty of stoppages late, with both teams looking for a crucial goal. However, it never came and after a scoreless final quarter, Manly did enough to win by 6 points and book themselves a Grand Final spot.

We stayed in the fight for four quarters, but could just never cling to a lead long enough to get us over the line. It was a heartbreaker, but we have no time for moping because we thankfully get a second bite of the cherry next week.

Henson Park will be the scene, 1:10 the time.

It will the EAGALS vs Inner Wests Magpies in a Preliminary Final Showdown. Winner goes to the big dance, loser goes home empty handed.

It’ll be an intriguing battle considering Inner Wests won the previous matchup in Round 1 earlier this season.

If you bleed Blue and Gold like our EAGALS, then make sure you’re there in support.

Will Cashmore
Manly Warringah Wolves 1.0-6 2.1-13 3.2-20 3.2-20
East Coast Eagles 0.1-1 1.2-8 2.2-14 2.2-14
Manly Warringah Wolves
Goal Kickers: J. Doyle, H. Graham, C. Johnson
Best Players: C. Johnson, A. Roditis, J. Layton, H. Graham, E. Goodsir , E. Graham
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: G. Fowler, E. Hurley
Best Players: A. Dallaway, S. Ford, B. Tarrant, B. Parker, R. Tomkins, B. Hourigan

EAGALS Show Their Might And Knock Off Southern Power

Can you smell it in the air?

Finals Footy baby, it’s here.

There is no better month in footy, then when the finals series rolls around, and in this year’s Sydney AFL Women’s Premier Division Competition, five teams headed into finals all looking to make an impact.

For our EAGALS the task was simple:

  • Beat Southern Power, and go on to book a date with Manly at home in a Grand Final Qualifier.


  • Lose to Southern Power, and face either Inner Wests Magpies or North Shore Bombers (the only two sides we did not beat in the Home and Away season) in an Elimination Semi-Final.

With the added occasion of finals, there was an enhanced degree of pressure imposed on East Coast approaching the game, knowing full well they were meeting a fired up Power army from the South.

However, I firmly believe that finals footy it is not about the skill.

If you weren’t a skilful footy side, you wouldn’t be in finals. To win finals footy, you have to want it more than your opponent in every facet of the game. You’ve got to find that extra effort to go all the way.

In all the drama and excitement of finals footy, we also welcomed an EAGAL debutant, with athletic forward Abbey Martin earning her first Prems Jersey. Hell bent on kicking off her Prems Career in style, Martin kicked the first goal of the game, letting Southern Power know she was here to make a statement.

Elsewhere, East Coast looked to play a physical brand of footy and intimidate their opponents. To see proof of this, look no further then EAGAL Ruckman Em Hurley’s brutal hip and shoulder to one poor Southern Power soul. The poor girl was rattled, but this didn’t led to EAGAL domination straight away.

On a whole, the first quarter saw a lack of consistent connection amongst the EAGALS, with Southern Power winning tons of hard footy right under our noses to apply forward pressure. Brenna Tarrant, Bailee Hourgian and Renee Tomkins were outstanding in defence nonetheless, collecting plenty of crucial intercept and rebounding possessions.

7 all at QT.

It was an arm wrestle going forward, with momentum so hard to capture for long periods. Both sides looked to use their speed through the midfield to gain an advantage, and East Coast took the bogey lead into half-time by just 13 points. It would take some strong leadership from senior EAGALS to get the W.

The Premiership 3rd Quarter was a tantalizing contest, personifying the back and forth notion that so often appears in finals footy. Southern Power looked to make their move, kicking three goals to East Coast’s two, but their inaccuracy in front of goal let the EAGALS off the hook as we tired defensively. With a 5 point lead at 3QT, it was there for the taking for both sides.

As bodies began to cramp up, we gritted our teeth and pulled together for one final surge. We knew what lay ahead, and what a victory would mean. We had that added desire, determination and dedication and we would not let this game slip. We powered home against a Southern Power side who lacked power late, winning by 23 points.

Georgina Fowler played her best game of the season, as the wiry young speedster kicked two goals whilst wreaking havoc in the forward line. Sarah Ford played a real captains knock, and debutant Abbey Martin starred with 3 goals.

As mentioned above, we now face Manly at our Kanebridge Oval home next week with the winner going through to the Grand Final, and the loser getting one more bite of the cherry. Believe me, we could be about to bear witness to one of the best games of footy Kanebridge Oval has ever seen. Make sure you get down there, to witness our EAGALS play for a spot in the big dance.

Will Cashmore

final score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 3.2-20 5.4-34 8.6-54
Southern Power 1.1-7 1.1-7 4.5-29 4.7-31
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: A. Martin 3, G. Fowler 2, C. Arndt, E. Wilson, E. Hurley
Best Players: G. Fowler, S. Ford, R. Tomkins, A. Martin, A. Dallaway, B. Tarrant
Southern Power
Goal Kickers: C. Davidson, A. McClure, L. Holdsworth, E. Eaves
Best Players: N. Murray, R. Sargent-Wilson, B. Mowbray, J. Whelan, B. McGuire, M. Smith