Heartstopper in the Hills as Eagles fall short but cling to the last finals spot

Well knock me down and call me Russell, what a thriller. WHAT A GAME.

The most poetic initiation to finals football you will ever come across in AFL football.

It was absolute scenes in the final regular season Round 18 at Kanebridge Oval on Saturday afternoon, amidst windy conditions East Coast fell agonizingly short of an upset victory over table topping North Shore, 8.6.54 to 8.5.53.

The Eagles required victory against the competition heavyweight Bombers to ensure a welcomed finals berth, yet defeat and they leave their fate in the control of fierce local rivals Pennant Hills who faced their own challenge against UNSW.

For 3 quarters, it seemed like East Coast would pull off the victory, be the smarter and most adaptive side in the tricky gameday conditions.

East Coast led at every break, determined and dogged to fulfill the first step in achieving their BM18 goal.

The writing was on the wall for North Shore.

The Eagles were soaring, displaying magnificent will and strength at the contest, pulled the trigger and controlled the pace throughout, but stumbled at the final hurdle of the very last line.

2 goals down and time ticking, the Bombers dug deep to scratch and claw down the deficit.

That they did, with a plucky late behind, North Shore won the match, by just one point.

The final siren, was luck a gun shot to the heavens dispatching of innocent eagles who flew above, such was the silence and heartbreak in the hearts of East Coast Eagle players.

Then came the news Pennant Hills were up on their opponents, a dagger to the soul.

Pennant Hills did indeed win, but not by enough and the Eagles survived the regular season by just 0.46% on the ladder.

Oh what a mess.

What a horror story.

Its no laughing matter, but boy you gotta smile.

What a relief and what a chance East Coast have earnt.

The challenge is now to become the 2nd side in two years, to climb the mountain and win the Premiership from 5th place.

Arguably the best performance of the year before finals. That is exactly the message the Eagles want to be sending their finals competition.

Aaron Drinkwater was remarkable again on Saturday, hitting peak form at the right time, as is terrier Brandon Clark, the most consistent warrior in East Coast’s clutches. Youngster Lewis Waters had his best game as well, proving his worth as a backline CAGE mainstay.

The story of the finals is shaping as a maze of possibilities.

All sides 2nd-5th have had such similar seasons results wise. UNSW, Syndey Uni, Manly and East Coast can beat any of each other on any day.

I firmly believe the tagline throughout the finals series will be ‘Who can catch North Shore?’, and after the weekends result, whose to say it won’t be East Coast despite only holidng 5th spot.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles 3.2-20 4.2-26 7.4-46 8.5-53
North Shore Bombers 1.1-7 3.3-21 5.4-34 8.6-54

East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Vlatko 2, D. Costello, B. Clark, R. Haupt, D. Visser, M. Weekes, A. Drinkwater
Best Players: A. Drinkwater, B. Clark, L. Waters, J. Vlatko, R. Haupt, A. Browning
North Shore Bombers
Goal Kickers: M. Wilson 2, W. Blackburne 2, B. Plug, M. Thomas, K. Devlin, Z. Fyffe
Best Players: C. Parsons, N. Campbell, S. Crane, K. Devlin, M. Wilson, C. Murphy

Final 2018 Sydney AFL Home and Away Season Ladder
1 North Shore Bombers 18 16 2 0 1963 1049 187.13 64
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 18 12 6 0 1480 1094 135.28 48
3 Sydney University 18 11 7 0 1648 1161 141.95 44
4 Manly Warringah Wolves 18 11 7 0 1485 1153 128.79 44
5 East Coast Eagles 18 11 7 0 1222 1024 119.34 44
6 Pennant Hills Demons 18 11 7 0 1543 1298 118.88 44
7 St George Dragons 18 7 11 0 1260 1594 79.05 28
8 Camden Cats 18 5 13 0 1224 1632 75.00 20
9 UTS Bats 18 4 14 0 1027 1713 59.95 16
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 18 2 16 0 886 2020 43.86 8

Elsewhere at East Coast, Matt O’Connor’s Prems Reserves side officially qualified for finals footy, beating Week 1 opponents North Shore by 4 goals on Saturday. Reserves finished 4th and look forward to an exciting blockbuster of a finals series.

The Under 19’s finished 5th place, yet, a long way off finals footy pace. A solid year for Peter Van Vliet’s young men, plenty of positives and reason to believe 2019 can be their year.

Also, Div2 well and truly left right goodnighted their North Shore opponents on Saturday, winning a 4th game for the season to finish 9th. With that victory, they knocked the Bombers out of finals contention. A much better year for Michal Lambert’s team.

But the strongest placed side for the Eagles going into finals, are the EAGALS. Our Womens Div1 team lost to minor Premiers Wollongong on the weekend, but will return to finals footy, finishing 3rd, and setting up a Week 1 elimination clash against arch rivals Pennant Hills. Phil Bester’s women are without a doubt ready to rumble.

The good times are upon us. The best time of year.

The rollercoaster ride begins again, and everyone at East Coast Eagles cannot wait.


Eagles slip up en route to finals against cunning Bulldogs

The Eagles have one week until finals, therefore only one week to prove whether this past weekend result was a MAJOR or MINOR slip up.

In a game which likely would decide outright second place on the Sydney AFL Premier Division ladder heading into finals, East Coast travelled to Henson Park in Round 17 to meet a ready and willing UNSW Bulldogs outfit who absolutely took advantage of chances inside 50, on they’re way to a strong 20 point victory 11.9.75 to 8.7.55.

With this, the Eagles did indeed drop to 3rd place, as the Bulldogs now hold 2nd spot.

Add on the fact that this result snapped East Coast’s six game winning streak, and the enormity of the win is huge for UNSW.

Some would argue the damage in this game was done in the first quarter, with the Doggies kicking 5 goals to 1, and displaying relentless forward pressure.

The Eagles just couldn’t match them.

Clawing back slowly in the second term, had supporters hoping East Coast would play with more consistency in the second half.

However, these hopes were dashed in the 3rd quarter, as key defender Kieran Emery went down with an ugly injury that left the Eagles CAGE without its greatest champion.

Throughout this quarter, a stronghold became a strangle as the Eagles became overwhelmed and could not contain the Doggies attack at the carpark end, in yet another 5 to 1 goal quarter.

With a six-goal lead heading into the final term, Henson Park became a danger zone for all that wore Blue and Gold, as further key players Trent Stubbs and Karl Merson also ended the game with ice strapped to the lower body, gone for the game.

Despite their best footy played in this 4th quarter, it was too little too late for the Eagles, doubling their goals total to narrow the margin to a far more encouraging 3 goal loss.

Aaron Drinkwater was a bull in defence laying plenty of crushing tackles on his opponents, and Jamie Vlatko continued his outstanding second half of the season form kicking 3 goals.

Returning home, East Coast have the game’s toughest challenge waiting in the form of competition heavyweights North Shore in what is sure to be the perfect finals warm up slash wake up call.

Ladder positions will be on the line, and the importance of this clash will be massive for East Coast coming off the weekend’s loss.

Finals is where the gladiators rise and the heroes stand, the period where you have to play your best footabll.

Yet, if the Eagles step into finals on the back of a disappointing forntight, it shall be immensely difficult to move out of second gear.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 5.4-34 5.4-34 10.8-68 11.9-75
East Coast Eagles 1.0-6 3.5-23 4.5-29 8.7-55

UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs
Goal Kickers: T. Dickson 3, S. Pollock 2, T. Banuelos 2, T. Redden, D. Pfeiffer, M. Rawlinson, J. Pascoe
Best Players: D. Pfeiffer, L. Essenstam, J. Blair, M. Thompson, J. McKinlay, T. Dickson
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: J. Vlatko 3, D. Visser, R. Haupt, A. Drinkwater, M. Weekes, T. Stubbs
Best Players: A. Drinkwater, J. Vlatko, A. Browning, B. Clark, K. Merson, R. Haupt

2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after 17 Rounds

1 North Shore Bombers 17 15 2 0 1909 996 191.67 60
2 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 17 12 5 0 1425 1027 138.75 48
3 East Coast Eagles 17 11 6 0 1169 970 120.52 44
4 Sydney University 17 10 7 0 1507 1108 136.01 40
5 Manly Warringah Wolves 17 10 7 0 1388 1109 125.16 40
6 Pennant Hills Demons 17 10 7 0 1476 1243 118.74 40
7 St George Dragons 17 6 11 0 1189 1552 76.61 24
8 Camden Cats 17 5 12 0 1171 1491 78.54 20
9 UTS Bats 17 4 13 0 983 1616 60.83 16
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 17 2 15 0 844 1949 43.30 8

Happy Birthday Stuey Turner as the Eagles party at Picken

With greater things on the horizon for East Coast, namely the 2018 Sydney AFL Premiership Match of the Year on Back to Baulko day against the Pennant Hills enemy, the Eagles brushed off a shaky start and cruise to a deserved 6 goal victory.

Whether or not it was a cursed hostile return at Picken Oval for Eagles coach Lindsay Scown in Round 15, he need not worry as birthday boy Stuart Turner continued his hot form, and forward Mark Weekes found some in a 4 goal performance that lead East Coast to a 38 point win over they’re western neighbours: 11.10.76 to 4.14.38.

Turner was excellent, and so was big bearded ruckman AB as Browning continues his love affair with the Picken Oval grass. AB was as calculating and fearsome as ever on the weekend.

Karl Merson was destructive out of the middle and constantly pushed his weight around at the stoppage, Wests struggling side had no answers.

Derrick Visser had his best game of the year, as the big fella is really starting to understand what makes him so damaging across the field and has enhanced the East Coast’s Premier Division Premiership push undoubtedly.

Former Magpies Reuben Haupt and Jordan Etto (there’s your mention mate), also got one back on the old guard, kicking a goal each at the old stomping ground.

It was a proud performance by the Eagles last Saturday, and their recent rise is epitomized by no few more than the unstoppable ‘CAGE’.

East Coast’s backline has undergone a remarkable transformation in 2018 even in the abscence of Luke Mansour and captain Ben Bourke in recent weeks, although the skippers return this past weekend was instrumental in the victory. The back 6 have repelled more opposition attacking moves than it has conceded, and continue to impact there side in attack.

After 15 competition rounds, East Coast have conceded less points then any other side, averaging only 56 points a game, 1st in the league, and 4 less points then the next best being table toppers North Shore (60 points a game).

Yet, despite enjoying a 4 game winning run, coach Lindsay Scown calls that all his players do not lose focus.

Maturity is key at the time of year, and with a very competitive top 6, the job is not done, and 2nd place could quickly and complacently become 6th of worse if the switch turns off.







All past, current and future players, club-people and supporters of the East Coast Eagles, Baulkham Hills Falcons and co, get down to Kanebridge Oval for all 5 games throughout the best day on the Sydney AFL calender.



 ROUND 15 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Western Suburbs Magpies 0.4-4 0.9-9 3.10-28 4.14-38
East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 6.4-40 8.7-55 11.10-76
Western Subrubs Magpies
Goal Kickers: J. Robinson, K. Bremner, M. Kannan, C. Gordon
Best Players: E. Cole, C. Dell, N. Eynaud, T. Blake, J. Robinson, M. Magee
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: M. Weekes 4, K. Merson 2, D. Visser, R. Haupt, J. Vlatko, S. Turner, J. Etto
Best Players: S. Turner, A. Drinkwater, A. Browning, J. Vlatko, K. Emery, D. Visser
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after  15 Rounds
1 North Shore Bombers 15 13 2 0 1619 904 179.09 52
2 East Coast Eagles 15 10 5 0 1051 840 125.12 40
3 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 15 10 5 0 1174 943 124.50 40
4 Manly Warringah Wolves 15 9 6 0 1177 974 120.84 36
5 Pennant Hills Demons 15 9 6 0 1309 1144 114.42 36
6 Sydney University 15 8 7 0 1241 1004 123.61 32
7 St George Dragons 15 6 9 0 1069 1315 81.29 24
8 Camden Cats 15 5 10 0 1091 1242 87.84 20
9 UTS Bats 15 3 12 0 847 1391 60.89 12
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 15 2 13 0 793 1614 49.13 8







Eagles snack on Cats to surge back into the Top 5

To play finals footy, the best sides don’t drop games they should win.

This clash against Camden was just that for the Eagles, and it was a task they passed with flying colours.

The East Coast Eagles continue their love affair with the Top 5 fringe, slotting back into 5th spot with a crucial 26 point victory against a gallant but feisty Camden Cats outfit at Kanebridge Oval in Round 12, 8.16.64 to 5.8.38.

After losing gun midfielder Brandon Clark to an obscure burst eardrum in the early stages of the opening quarter, veteran bearded Ruck-man Andrew ‘AB’ Browning played his best game of 2018, dominating Camden’s centre.

Easily on top in the first half, tripling the Cats’ shots on goal during this time, the Eagles’ form stalled somewhat in the Premiership quarter, yet still taking a 22 point lead into the final quarter.

However, Camden were lacking a killer blow or player to challenge a response from East Coast in the dying stages, ultimately succumbing to the crumbling defensive pressure of the Eagles back-line which has made their ‘CAGE’ so fearsome in the past months.

The challenge is and will continue to be for the Eagles to keep playing consistent footy and pick up some important victories against sides above them on the ladder, beginning next week with a grand contest against Manly Warringah again at Kanebridge.


East Coast Eagles 3.4-22 6.9-45 7.11-53 8.16-64
Camden Cats 2.1-13 2.3-15 4.7-31 5.8-38
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: T. Stubbs 2, M. Weekes 2, K. Merson, R. Haupt, D. Steer, P. Vlatko
Best Players: A. Browning, A. Drinkwater, K. Emery, D. Costello, K. Merson
Camden Cats
Goal Kickers: J. Bottin-Noonan 2, K. Churchill, M. Maher, B. Yakimov
Best Players: K. Veerhuis, M. Edwards, N. Kenny, J. Bottin-Noonan, M. Sapiatzer, D. Leary
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after Round 12

1 North Shore Bombers 12 10 2 0 1260 768 164.06 40
2 Manly Warringah Wolves 12 8 4 0 996 730 136.44 32
3 Pennant Hills Demons 12 8 4 0 1069 813 131.49 32
4 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 12 8 4 0 925 738 125.34 32
5 East Coast Eagles 12 7 5 0 833 740 112.57 28
6 Sydney University 12 6 6 0 996 784 127.04 24
7 Camden Cats 12 4 8 0 891 984 90.55 16
8 St George Dragons 12 4 8 0 732 1121 65.30 16
9 UTS Bats 12 3 9 0 669 1073 62.35 12
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 12 2 10 0 668 1288 51.86 8


Gordon-Physick Cup stays at East Coast as the Eagles knock Uni out of the 5

Well what a day for the East Coast Eagles.

Tremendous results throughout the day for the Women’s side and Under 19s especially, as well as for the club Comedy Night which was a raging success.

However, the most celebrated victory was in the Premier Division, as the Eagles stuck strong for four quarters of tantalizing footy and knocked off Sydney University by 13 points: 8.5.53 to 5.10.40.

Playing for the Gordon-Physick Cup, the Students started well, kicking 3 goals to 1 in the opening quarter but were left to rue key missed opportunities in front of goal across the remaining three stanzas.

Chances, that their opponents did not waste.

The Eagles turned in they’re best performance to date in 2018, combining youth with experience and never looking behind the pace defensively, proving far too consistent across the ground for Sydney Uni, a side East Coast fell to back in Round 2.

Led by vice-captain Trent Stubbs, who kicked three goals in a best on ground performance. One of which will have strong goal of the year credentials at the end of the season, with Stubbs nailing an unbelievable right foot banana deep in the Kanebridge Oval forward pocket in the second quarter. It was this goal that really cemented momentum for the Eagles, as they and Stubbs never looked back on their way to victory.

Veterans Kieran Emery, Dean Costello and club legend Jon Vlatko were also monumental in the win, a result which has usurped East Coast above Uni on the ladder, sending them into 5th spot and Sydney tumbling outside the Top 5.

The Premier Division side at East Coast has experienced a changing of the guard in 2018.

A new era.

And whilst, they have had their ups and down across the first 10 weeks of the competition, this result is a reflection of the hard work the playing group, coaching group and support staff from day dot in 2018.

It shows that despite inconsistencies, this side is capable of anything in 2018.

The Eagles had their most valuable win of the season on Saturday, but coming up next week is the biggest challenge in the game.

They meet table toppers North Shore in a Kanebridge Oval blockbuster.

A huge rivalry is set to come to a head in Round 11, as the Bombers, who have been using Kanebridge as their home ground this year whilst Mortgage Choice Oval is under renovations, will look to decisively steal East Coast territory straight from under them.

After righting early season wrongs against Sydney University, East Coast will lay it all on the line next week.

Expect an Epic Battle.


East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 3.2-20 8.2-50 8.5-53
Sydney University 3.3-21 3.4-22 4.8-32 5.10-4
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: T. Stubbs 3, M. Weekes 2, D. Steer, B. Clark, J. Vlatko
Best Players: T. Stubbs, K. Emery, R. Haupt, D. Costello, D. Visser, J. Vlatko
Sydney University
Goal Kickers: C. Morgan 2, W. Stratford, M. Krochmal, B. Pilot
Best Players: M. Krochmal, J. Swarts, M. Valastro, M. Nettheim, A. Birman, J. Cole
2018 Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after 10 Rounds.
1 North Shore Bombers 10 9 1 0 1103 639 172.61 36
2 Pennant Hills Demons 10 8 2 0 943 668 141.17 32
3 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 10 6 4 0 775 609 127.26 24
4 Manly Warringah Wolves 10 6 4 0 798 649 122.96 24
5 East Coast Eagles 10 6 4 0 715 604 118.38 24
6 Sydney University 10 5 5 0 801 667 120.09 20
7 Camden Cats 10 4 6 0 797 781 102.05 16
8 UTS Bats 10 3 7 0 592 875 67.66 12
9 St George Dragons 10 2 8 0 554 989 56.02 8
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 10 1 9 0 522 1119 46.65 4







Back2Sqaure1: Wolves freeze Eagles momentum

This writer learnt a very important lesson this past weekend.


Complacency is the most dangerous word in the English language, and it can be said that every East Coast Eagles side became victims of this devil on Saturday, achieving back-to-back losses for the first time in 2018.

The locals call it a graveyard….. and Weldon Oval delivered on its promise, as Manly buried their East Coast opponents along with any credentials as competitions hotshots.

The Eagles Premier Division side seemingly matched up stronger against a less competitive Manly Warringah Wolves , yet couldn’t fire a shot on a chilly afternoon where Wolves howled and Eagles frowned.

Yes, there was wind. Yes, there was rain.

Although, still was the constant variable in 22 players either side, on a day where conditions were not perfect for footy and the winner would purely be decided by one thing: Who wanted it more.

So its a worry that the Eagles lost by 5 goals.

Gone was the grunt and run from the first month, along with the smart and potent skills that saw East Coast demolish St George and Wests on home soils earlier in the season.

The Eagles did not start well despite leading by a goal after two quarters. They struggled to capitalize on Inside Forward50 opportunities, lacking the leadership and direction purchase provigil from canada without the injured Trent Stubbs, as gun forward Mark Weekes went goalless.

Once both teams returned for the second half, it was clear that the Eagles weren’t prepared to run themselves out of the hole that continually deepened throughout the 3rd quarter, with Manly blowing Eagles off the park kicking 5 goals to 0.

East Coast’s back-line were also significantly weakened without Full-Back and Captain Ben Bourke, as Manly forward pocket Anthony Robertson claimed best on ground honors kicking 5 goals.

The Eagles still remain inside the top, yet, at 3 wins and 3 losses, they must return back to square one and do some quick soul-searching before a crucial crunch game at home against UTS this coming Saturday.

The losses will hurt at the moment, but East Coast can blame no-one but themselves.

Manly Warringah Wolves 2.2-14 2.5-17 7.8-50 10.11-71
East Coast Eagles 1.1-7 3.5-23 3.6-24 5.8-38
Manly Warringah Wolves
Goal Kickers: A. Robertson 5, L. Kilpatrick, L. Brain, C. Pettersson, H. Washington, A. Butler, J. Bennett
Best Players: A. Robertson, H. Washington, L. Kilpatrick, A. Butler, L. Brain, C. Pettersson
East Coast Eagles
Goal Kickers: P. Vlatko 2, J. Large, D. Spiteri, R. Haupt
Best Players: D. Spiteri, L. Mansour, T. Zdrilic, J. Etto, B. Clark
Sydney AFL Premier Division Ladder after Round 6
1 North Shore Bombers 6 6 0 0 663 318 208.49 24
2 Sydney University 6 4 2 0 567 332 170.78 16
3 Pennant Hills Demons 6 4 2 0 505 427 118.27 16
4 East Coast Eagles 6 3 3 0 464 338 137.28 12
5 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 6 3 3 0 396 373 106.17 12
6 Manly Warringah Wolves 6 3 3 0 424 454 93.39 12
7 Camden Cats 6 2 4 0 482 528 91.29 8
8 UTS Bats 6 2 4 0 347 485 71.55 8
9 St George Dragons 6 2 4 0 332 594 55.89 8
10 Western Suburbs Magpies 6 1 5 0 343 674 50.89 4

Round 3 Snapshot

Premier Division

For the first time in blue and gold colours, Lindsay Scown coached against former club Western Suburbs and boy did the Eagles turn up for their coach. It was a good old fashioned carve up in Round 3, as East Coast did a strong number on their opposition picking up a 93 point win, beating them all over the ground in every aspect of the game. Full-Forward Mark Weekes kicked 8 goals, more than the entire Magpies side, as 18 year-old Lewis Waters gained best-on-ground honours in just his third top grade game. After winning 21.7.133 to 6.4.40 against Wests, East Coach will focus on winning back to back games for the first time in 2018, next week in Round 4.

Read more on the Prems thumping win over Wests – https://www.eastcoasteagles.com.au/weekesy-kicks-8-as-east-coast-soar-over-wests/


Premier Division Reserves

The Eagles got off to a much better start than in Round 2, leading Western Suburbs by 10 points at half time. In the first two quarters, a competitive arm wrestle ensued especially as East Coast struggled to convert numerous chances into goals. It was a much different story in the second half however, as the Magpies could only manage one goal eventually falling by 56 points at the final siren. Although, the Eagles still left a lot to be desired in front of goal kicking 7.10 in the second half, as the final score ended: 14.16.100 to 7.2.44. Alex Foxall and Josh Duncan kicked 3 each in Matthew Scholz’s return game for the club, but utility Jake Roberts was best on ground without a shadow of a doubt. Roberts was unstoppable off half-back, shutting down one of Wests key forwards.







For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=124992995&c=1-1047-0-477739-0&pool=1


Under 19’s Division One

Another week, and another loss in the closing moments for the Under 19’s. The future of the Eagles took on the North Shore Bombers in Round 3 and almost pulled off a hellacious upset over a side who has competed in the past four Under 19’s Grand Finals. Dramatically, the Eagles fell at the final hurdle unable to combine and find a way to kick the winning score, losing 5.8.38 to 3.10.28. Three rounds in and zero wins for the Eagles, finals footy may very soon become a bridge too far to climb, but with Saturday Night Footy against Camden in Round 4 this weekend, East Coast have an opportunity to prove the doubters generic cialis tabs wrong. Co-captain Will Mitchell was brutal in defence, rag-dolling many Bombers in a great tackling display. Also, speedy half-back flanker Cameron Wood played his best game of the year, as did Ruckman Tom Grove who fired up against old Bomber teammates.

For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125052686&c=1-1047-0-477740-0&pool=1

Women’s Division One

After a pulsating one point win against Western Magic in Round 2, the Eagals only conceded one point in their Round 3 meeting against Sydney Uni at Kanebridge Oval. But they scored One Hundred and Two. Yes, it was as one-sided as you’ll ever see, with the Eagle women winning 15.12.102 to 0.1.1, once again putting together a four quarter team effort and displaying a killer instinct that coach Phil Bester couldn’t be more proud of. The Eagals continue to play smart and committed footy not afraid to take the game on and beat their opponents with speed, a trademark that midfielders Em Goodsir and Ally Dallaway are consistently producing in 2018, as they were again outstanding on the weekend. Meanwhile, Tara Killminster was lethal in front of goals kicking 5 majors tacking her tally to 8 for the year.







For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125053001&c=1-1047-0-477743-0&pool=1


Division Two

The grass sure was greener at Kanebridge Oval this past Saturday as Division Two secured their first win of the season, and yet another thumping victory for the club on a day where East Coast dominated. This particular result was a long time coming for Division Two, with the Eagles maintaining destructive and dazzling form against a hapless Western Suburbs side, 17.17.121 to 3.3.19. It is a positive sign for the sides development that a more consistent goalkicking record could have boosted the winning margin, as the Twos’ are beginning to prove a handful inside their forward half, constantly keeping the pill locked in their forward 50 with impressive defensive pressure. AC Mohammad was unstoppable on this day, kicking 3 as the clear best on ground whilst James Salvador is beginning to find his best form, bringing his infectious presence and passion to a side that is up and about after this 100 point win.







For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125052620&c=1-1047-0-477741-0&pool=1


Round 4 Fixtures

U19’s Division 1 4 Saturday, 28 April 2018 Camden East Coast Fairfax Reserve 6.10pm
Premier Division 4 Saturday, 28 April 2018 Camden East Coast Fairfax Reserve 3.40pm
Premier Division Reserves 4 Saturday, 28 April 2018 Camden East Coast Fairfax Reserve 1.40pm
Men’s Division 2 4 Saturday, 28 April 2018 Camden East Coast Fairfax Reserve 11.50am
Women’s Division 1 4 Saturday, 28 April 2018 Wollongong East Coast North Dalton Park 1.00pm


Weekesy kicks 8 as East Coast soar over Wests

East vs West!

Battle of the Birds!!

More like the Mark Weekes show!!!

It was a demolition derby at Kanebridge oval in Round 3, as the East Coast Eagles relentlessly picked apart a diabolical Western Suburbs Magpies by 93 points, with superstar Full-Forward Mark Weekes slotting 8 goals, sending him to the top of the Stan Milton Trophy Race for league Leading Goalkicker.

Weekes was back to his absolute best providing instinctive service to his midfielders, dragging his opponent out of space leading up the ground, showcasing strong hands and a penetrable set shot.

The Eagles were clearly up for this game, playing quick transitional footy across a lethal four quarter-display never allowing the Magpies to get a foot in the door. East Coast kicked 8 goals to 1 in the first half and Wests were never in the contest, falling apart in the second half as East Coast converted 13 goals; conceding just 5.

East Coast were prepared to make yet another statement despite being without a number of senior players.

This challenge provided the opportunity for other players to step up.

One bloke who continues to make a name for himself in Premier Division is Lewis Waters. It might of been the Mark Weekes show in the forward line, but Waters was phenomenal playing a shutdown tagger like role in the backline, and displaying a strong ability to be an effective user of the football. The 18 year old had a tough job against former NT Thunder forward Adam Tipungwuti, but the young cialis generic no rx Eagle was not intimidated and played the only way he knows and that is with sensational courage and determination. Lewis wore Tippa like a glove.

Debutant Cameron Wilson was also handy roving the forward line in the Eagles barnstorming win. Seamlessly translating his Under 19’s form to the faster paced Premier Division, Wilson kicked a goal and proved once again that the East Coast Eagles are in strong hands for the future, as the new wave of youngsters come through the ranks.

With the 93 point win, East Coast have got their season back on track and coach Lindsay Scown couldn’t be happier especially after a strong win over old side Western Suburbs.

The challenge now for the Eagles is to continue this momentum on the way to achieving maiden back-to-back wins for the season when they meet Camden Cats in Round 4.

With every week it is becoming clearer that in 2018: Its all about the Eagles

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
East Coast Eagles

Western Suburbs Magpies









Goal Kickers: M. Weekes 8, T. Stubbs 4, J. Vlatko 2, J. Etto 2, S. Turner 2, C. Wilson, D. Spiteri, B. Stewart
Best Players: L. Waters, M. Weekes, K. Emery, S. Turner, B. Stewart, D. Steer
Goal Kickers: C. Dell 2, T. Blake, A. Tipungwuti, E. Cole, K. Bremner
Best Players: C. Dell, J. Robinson, K. Bremner, E. Cole, T. Blake, A. Bremner
Premier Division Ladder after Round 3
1 North Shore Bombers 3 3 0 0 305 171 178.36 12
2 Sydney University 3 3 0 0 307 173 177.46 12
3 East Coast Eagles 3 2 1 0 289 147 196.60 8
4 Pennant Hills Demons 3 2 1 0 250 203 123.15 8
5 UTS Bats 3 2 1 0 200 249 80.32 8
6 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3 1 2 0 236 175 134.86 4
7 Camden Cats 3 1 2 0 268 297 90.24 4
8 Manly Warringah Wolves 3 1 2 0 221 311 71.06 4
9 Western Suburbs Magpies 3 0 3 0 164 334 49.10 0
10 St George Dragons 3 0 3 0 135 315 42.86 0


Round 2 Snapshot

Premier Division:

After a strong Round 1 performance against St George, the East Coast Eagles Premier Division side backed up in Round 2 falling short against Sydney University by 10 points. In a closely fought battle where momentum was difficult to sustain over long periods, Uni proved clinical enough to take the points and remain undefeated, despite a wave of defensive and tackling pressure inflicted by the Eagles across four quarters. Stuart Turner was fantastic again laying 15 tackles, and gun utility Trent Stubbs dominated up forward kicking 4 goals.







Read more on the Prems loss to Sydney University – https://www.eastcoasteagles.com.au/the-students-topple-the-eagles-in-a-colossal-round-2-showdown/


Premier Division Reserves:

Alike the Prems, the Reserves despite cruising to victory in Round 1 met far greater opposition this past weekend. The Eagles were stunned in the first quarter by Sydney University, not registering a score, and it was only atrocious kicking from Uni to the tune of 2.10.22 that prevented a total whitewash before the match had barely begun. Trailing at half-time by 34 points, the Eagles fought hard with a small comeback narrowing the margin to a couple of goals at the final break. However, Uni played smart tempo footy to nullify any push the Eagles spiritedly could mount in the last quarter. Veterans Daniel Spiteri, Ryan Fitton and Jared Patira were once again tremendous in the 9.18.72 to 7.7.49 loss.







For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=124992816&c=1-1047-0-477739-0&pool=1


Under 19’s Division One:

Never in my footballing career have a returned to a changeroom with a team so deflated. The footy gods can be cruel sometimes and the East Coast 19’s side painfully learnt that against Sydney University who kicked two goals in the final minute to sink the devastated Eagles by just 4 points. Whilst an improvement on Round 1, East Coast still have a lot to work on to be considered a threat in this competition. Nevertheless, the backline were immense in this clash as Matt McVey, Cal O’Donnell and Bailey Sims dominated, repelling numerous entries into the forward line and igniting speedy passages of play up the ground. Co-Captain Will Mitchell was also outstanding, emerging as a  dynamic tackling two-way midfielder who willingly puts his body on the line. The forthcoming cheap viagra sale Round 3 clash with North Shore shapes as must-win football earlier than expected for the 19’s.

For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125053024&c=1-1047-0-477740-0&pool=1


Women’s Division One:

How proud are we of our Eagals, the only victorious East Coast side from the weekend. A classic battle between two hungry sides, the East Coast women were pushed to their absolute limits against an injury ravaged Western Magic, scraping home by a solitary point. They knew it would be a tough game, and the Eagals promised to never say die, displaying exceptional courage and resilience in front of many happy supporters. The Eagals have hit 2018 with a purpose, reinvigorating their side with a difficult to defend run against the play style of football, however, backline exits remain an area that needs improvement. These are the sort of wins that strengthen a football side and define the potential of a playing group. To grind out a 1 point win, is a moment that will surely inspire an exciting season for the East Coast women, who are sure to go very close in 2018.







For more information on the game –  http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125052913&c=1-1047-0-477743-0&pool=1


Division Two:

The end scoreline of 13.9.87 to 1.6.12 did not reflect the effort and tenacity of the Eagles second division side against Sydney University, as they showed that they are clearly building something special, yet, recognizing that all great rebuilds take time. Coach Michael Lambert noted after the game that he was impressed by the run and carry provided out of the backline, communication through the midfield and second efforts in the forward line. However, clearance and forward 50 entries are areas which still must improve in order for the 2’s to start being more competitive. Troy Jones was best on in the midfield, and Dave Berger ended the game with a broken nose. It was that sort of night for the Eagles.

For more information on the game – http://websites.sportstg.com/round_info.cgi?a=MATCH&fixture=125052677&c=1-1047-0-477741-0&pool=1


Get ready for Round 3, because we’re back at home.

Round 3 Fixtures:

Women’s Division One – vs Sydney Uni @Kanebridge Oval 9:00am
Division Two – vs Western Suburbs @Kanebridge Oval 10:40am
Premier Division Reserves – vs Western Suburbs @Kanebridge Oval 12:20pm
Premier Division – vs Western Suburbs @Kanebridge Oval 2:50pm
Under 19’s Division One – vs North Shore @Kanebridge Oval 4:50pm


Students’ topple the Eagles in a colossal Round 2 showdown

Did we just witness a grand final preview?

Early days I know, but that must be at the back of minds for those who witnessed this enthralling contest, which saw Sydney University overcome a game East Coast Eagles by 10 points.

It was an age old battle, with many a twist, turn and bone-crunching tackle, yet you’d be a brave man to bet against Sydney Uni at home, when in the form they currently hold.

The Students’ have well and truly stamped their authority on the Sydney AFL Premier Division, who after a heartbreaking late defeat to the Pennant Hills Demons in last years’ Grand Final, have begun 2018 by defeating the past two premiership teams in consecutive weeks, in the East Coast Eagles this past weekned and Pennant Hills (who in Round 1 they beat by 55 points).

Uni held their composure for much of Saturday afternoon’s match, not allowing themselves to succumb to the fierce defensive pressure once again displayed by the Eagles.

Despite having enough opportunities, the Eagles were made to rue costly scoring execution, kicking 8.7 for the match, but an ugly 2.6 prior to half-time.

The Eagles were outpaced in the crucial moments, unable to win clearances and counter Sydney’s attacking movements.

As mentioned, the tackling and determination at the ball never faded for the visitors but it wasn’t enough to get them over the line. Too often in the last quarter they were found chasing generic viagra scams tails of opponents who used Henson Park’s width to their advantage, and ultimately ran out of time on the scoreboard.

Former Three-Time Club Champion Trent Stubbs was damaging for the Eagles, putting on a clinic up forward kicking 4 goals and winning best on ground honours for his side, whilst Stuart Turner continues to impress making a phenomenal 15 tackles for East Coast.

After a close loss, headlines do not waver from the East.

In Round 3, for the first time, Lindsay Scown will coach against his old side the Western Suburbs Magpies. The Magpies may have had a slow start to 2018, but there’ll be plenty of feeling in this contest which is sure to make for compelling viewing and exciting football @KANEBRIDGE OVAL.

Sydney University meanwhile, look to start the season 3 and 0, when they meet fellow Uni rivals, UTS, next weekend in what could be a danger game against the undefeated Bats.

Sydney University. 9.11.65

East Coast Eagles 1.5-11 2.6-18 5.7-37 8.7-55

Goal Kickers: M. Nettheim 2, A. Clarke 2, R. Lucas 2, S. Gilfedder, W. Stratford, T. Ayton
Best Players: M. Krochmal, T. Ayton, M. Nettheim, M. Fogarty, R. Lucas, S. Gilfedder

Goal Kickers: T. Stubbs 4, S. Turner, P. Vlatko, Z. Johns, K. Merson
Best Players: T. Stubbs, R. Haupt, J. Vlatko, S. Turner, K. Emery, B. Clark
Premier Division Ladder after Round 2
1 North Shore Bombers 2 2 0 0 214 111 192.79 8
2 Sydney University 2 2 0 0 157 92 170.65 8
3 UTS Bats 2 2 0 0 119 99 120.20 8
4 East Coast Eagles 2 1 1 0 156 107 145.79 4
5 Camden Cats 2 1 1 0 208 206 100.97 4
6 Pennant Hills Demons 2 1 1 0 141 148 95.27 4
7 Manly Warringah Wolves 2 1 1 0 166 202 82.18 4
8 UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 2 0 2 0 126 138 91.30 0
9 Western Suburbs Magpies 2 0 2 0 124 201 61.69 0
10 St George Dragons 2 0 2 0 98 205 47.80 0