50th NEAFL/Prems game for Eugene Kruger

The Round 18 NEAFL fixture against the GIANTS will be a significant one for Eugene Kruger, as he plays his 50th NEAFL/Premier Division game for the Sydney Hills Eagles.

Playing mainly rugby union is his early days, Kroogs was a late starter to AFL, debuting in the under 15’s at Westbrook in a team coached by Eagles legend, Peter Steer. This was juggled with rugby union commitments on a Saturday, demonstrating his tremendous versatility.

He joined the Eagles in 2009 in under 18’s, in a team also coached by Peter Steer. The following year he was elevated to Premier Division and enjoyed Grand Final success, a moment he still rates as one of his favourites in Eagles colours.

Opportunities in the code continued for Kroogs, being picked up by the Sydney Swans. This experience took his skills to another level and provided a professional setting as well as the opportunity to learn from quality players. Players such as Jarred Moore, who Kroogs rates as one of the cleverest players he has played with.

On a local level, Kroogs admires the ability of NEAFL captain Jon Vlatko, for the positive demeanour and strong leadership qualities he brings to the Eagles.

Kruger is a vital member of the Eagles list and integral part of the leadership group. From everyone at the Sydney Hills Eagles, congratulations Kroogs on this important milestone.